Zoolingualism is a power that allows the user to communicate with and understand animals, and sometimes control them. This power was shown by Skeletal Being, Necron, humanized familiars, and a man named Oscar.


  • Necron used this power on two ravens that he summoned and told them to find Phoebe (who was mermaid at the time). He later used it on the eels in his lair to shock Piper as a way to torture her and make her call Leo for help.[1]
  • Familiars who are rewarded with humanity, like Kit, retain this ability as a way to communicate with other fellow familiars. Katrina, a former familiar, had her 'friends' attack the Familiar Hunter to buy herself time to escape.[2]
  • Oscar understood dogs while he was cursed into one. When Paige Matthews reversed the curse on him, he told her the dogs in the area were barking because they were sensing powerful magic in the air.

List of Users

Through spell, potion, transformation, etc.

Notes and Trivia

  • Tuatha may have had the same power since she talked to her snake, though it wasn't confirmed.[3]