Xavier and Tull were a pair of powerful demon brothers who sought revenge for the death of their father, Naides. Their goal was to find the Eternal Spring to become invincible.


In 2003, Xavier attacked three Nymphs, and later killed their Satyr to make the reveal the location of the Eternal Spring. However, the nymphs fled. Xavier followed them to San Francisco. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Tull, practiced mastering the Satyr's flute, hoping that he could manipulate the other nymphs into thinking that he was their new Satyr to make them reveal it. Xavier killed one of them to threaten the other two before Piper and Paige arrived. Piper attempted to blow him up, but only managed to blow up his arm.

When Piper and Phoebe traveled to the nymphs' home through the use of Paige's spell the next morning, they found Xavier there, and Phoebe vanquished him with a potion. However, Tull was able to trick Daisy and Miranda into leading him to the Eternal Spring, thus giving him the chance to drink from the spring and becoming invincible. Realizing that they were now unable to vanquish Tull, Piper and Paige instead combined a spell to transform him into a tree—something that was also immortal.

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • Fading: The ability to teleport in a fading manner.
  • Fire Throwing: The ability to emit streams of fire from one's hands.
  • Super Strength: The ability to possess strength to a superhuman degree.
  • Rising: The ability to instantly rise to one's feet after being thrown down. Tull was the only one with the power.
Other Powers
Powers from the Eternal Spring


To Turn an Immortal Demon Into a Tree[]

Changing seasons changes all
Life renews as creation calls
Nothing is immune, everything transmutes
So take this demon and give him roots!


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Xavier and Tull appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.


  1. Xavier was vanquished, while Tull was turned into a tree.
  2. Although he was not immune to spells.