"I'm so sad, I want to cry all the time."
—Wuvey expressing Wyatt's feelings.[src]

Wuvey is a stuffed brown bear that belongs to Wyatt Halliwell. When Wyatt was a toddler, he was very fond of the bear, carrying it around with him everywhere he went,[1] and not letting anyone else (presumably besides his family) touch it.


Gaining Trust[]

7x20 breaking the curse

Leo "heals" Wuvey.

Being his favorite toy, Wuvey was once used by Vicus, a demon preying on magical children to turn them evil, to gain Wyatt's trust.[2] Vicus knew that he succeeded when he would finally be allowed to touch Wuvey. When he was able to, Vicus cursed the bear so that when Wyatt would touch it again, he would be turned evil. However, Leo was able to break the curse and turn Wyatt good again by using the same method, gaining his son's trust again.

Revealing Emotions[]


Phoebe enchanting Wuvey.

It was used a second time, on Wyatt's third birthday. His aunt, Phoebe Halliwell, cast a spell on Wuvey to find out how Wyatt was feeling after his father's disappearance. Due to Phoebe's spell, Wuvey was able to voice Wyatt's feelings, however, Wyatt followed her example and brought three of his action figures to life, giving them the task of finding his father.[3]


To Make a Teddy Bear Talk[]

Little boy's bear
show me how you care
Tell me how you'd feel
if you were real.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Wuvey briefly appeared in the season 9 comic issues, "Last Witch Effort" and "Piper's Place".
  • Wuvey is a term for "someone that you wuv." Wuv is a humorous mispronunciation of "love," mimicking the speech of a young children.


  1. Wyatt was almost always seen carrying him around, or Wuvey laid next to him where he was playing.
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