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16. Death Takes a Halliwell
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18. Sin Francisco
19. The Demon Who Came in From the Cold
20. Exit Strategy
21. Look Who's Barking
22. All Hell Breaks Loose

Written by: Sheryl J. Anderson

Season 3, Episode 12

Episode Number: 56

[Scene: Police Station. Darryl and Mr. Chang are in a room. Darryl places a cup of coffee on the table.]

Mr. Chang: I don't get it. Who'd want to kill me?

Darryl: We're not sure, but our sources believe that your life is in danger. Protective custody-

Mr. Chang: Our sources? What is this? Government surveillance, you have people watching me?

Darryl: Mr. Chang, your picture was in the Metro section today.

Mr. Chang: Because I planted some trees.

Darryl: Mr. Chang, there were four brutal murders in the last week. Where the only common denominator is the victims picture was in the Metro section the day that they died.

Mr. Chang: The mayor's in Metro today. You guys harassing him?

Darryl: Mr. Chang, I'm trying to help you.

Mr. Chang: I don't have any money, I don't have any enemies. Why would anyone wanna kill me? This is crazy.

[Cut to outside the room. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are there.]

Prue: Alright, what do we do if Darryl can't convince him to lay low?

Phoebe: Oh, well, we follow him and if a demon attacks we kick some wiccan ass.

Piper: Look who's back and badder than ever.

Phoebe: It feels good to be back. It's the best way to put this whole Cole thing behind me.

Prue: Well, that's quite a turn around.

Phoebe: What do you mean?

Prue: Well, it's just that, I mean, you know, up until last week you were kinda quiet and not really interested in things demonic, and now...

Phoebe: I am back. Bad guys beware.

Piper: And too bad we don't know who the bad guy is.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, at least we know who his next victim is.

(Darryl and Mr. Chang walk out of the room. Darryl goes over to the girls.)

Prue: Hey.

Darryl: Hey.

Prue: So did you get anything out of him?

Darryl: Just a migraine. That's about it.

Piper: So, what, you're just gonna let him go?

Darryl: I don't have a choice. He declined protection. Phoebe, are you sure he's the guy that you saw get attacked in your premonition?

Phoebe: Oh, yeah, and it happened at night too, so we can't just let him go.

(Mr. Chang leaves the station.)

Prue: Alright, then we need to split up in teams. First one to see a demon yells vanquish, okay. Come on. (Prue and Darryl follow Mr. Chang out in the alley. He walks over to his motor bike.) Ugh, innocents and alleys. Don't they ever learn?

Darryl: Yeah, I know. Come on.

(Mr. Chang fiddles with something on his bike. A guy comes around the corner and throws a fireball at Mr. Chang. Prue uses her power and moves it away from him.)

Mr. Chang: What the hell?

(Prue uses her power on the demon. Prue stops and he runs away.)

Darryl What happened? Why did you let him get away?

Prue: I know that demon. I dated that demon. Huh.

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Conservatory. Phoebe and Darryl are sitting at the table. Phoebe's looking through the Book of Shadows. Piper's watering the plants.]

Darryl: I think they're lost, Piper. Dead.

Piper: No, they're not completely.

Phoebe: Piper waters when she's nervous.

Darryl: There's nothing to be nervous about. Mr. Chang's in protective custody.

Piper: No, it-it's not him. It's the whole 'my boyfriend is a demon' thing. It kind of hits a nerve with all of us, and obviously I'm not that upset because I'm with Leo, who obviously is not...

Phoebe: Piper also babbles when she's nervous.

Piper: I resent that. I am expressing a valid concern about this continuing issue in our lives.

(Prue walks in holding a year book.)

Prue: What are you babbling about?

(Phoebe laughs.)

Piper: You know, if I could freeze the two of you, I would, often.

(Prue opens the year book to a picture of the demon.)

Prue: Alright, so here's the demon that we're looking for, or at least who he used to be. Tom Peters.

Phoebe: Wait, I didn't know you dated the captain of the college football team. How suburban.

Prue: Yeah, he was a great guy.

Darryl: I remember Peters. He blew out his knee three weeks into his rookie year. About five, six years ago.

Prue: Leo!

Darryl: Rumours about gambling debts and that whole scene. He's also a missing persons. It never got closed. He just kind of disappeared.

Phoebe: More like went underground.

Prue: I wonder if his mum still lives in town. Leo!

(Prue walks out of the room.)

Darryl: A woman on a mission?

Phoebe: Mmm hmm.

Piper: I guess the captain of the football team was a bigger deal than we ever knew. (Piper, Phoebe and Darryl go into the kitchen where Prue is.) Uh, Prue, are you sure we should pursue this?

Prue: Ask Phoebe. It was her premonition. Alright, where on earth is... (Leo orbs in.) Leo, what took you so long?

Leo: Hi. (Piper and Leo kiss.) I had... have a situation.

Piper: Uh-oh, you mean an us situation or a you situation? Oh, don't tell me they've changed their minds about us getting married because if that is the case, then you can just orb me up there right now and...

Phoebe: Babbling.

Leo: It has nothing to do with them. It has to do with me. I sorta, kinda, lost the wedding ring.

Darryl: Got a great ring guy down town if you need one.

Piper: He doesn't need one, he has a ring. Mum's ring. I gave it to him so he could give it back to meat the perfect romantic moment.

Phoebe: Wow, Leo, you lost mum's ring. It's a good thing you're dead already.

Leo: I had it in my pocket, Piper. All the orbing in and out...

Piper: Your orbs are grass if you do not find that ring.

Prue: Alright, hi. Before blood is spilled, can I just ask a business question? Is it possible to turn a human into a demon?

Leo: Well, there's rumours, stories about demons recruiting humans.

Phoebe: So join the evil and see the underworld?

Leo: Kind of. Apparently the demons go after humans in need and strike your classic Faustian deal, but then the humans are forced into this training academy. A program that destroys their humanity.

Piper: And turns them into demons.

Leo: Right, and when the recruits graduate, they have to kill an innocent to seal the demonic conversion permanently.

Darryl: It's like gang initiation. You go out and kill the first person that you see and you're in the gang.

Phoebe: Well, that explains your four random killings. Maybe it's graduation time at the academy.

Prue: Well, if it is, Tom is one human they're not going to demonize.

Phoebe: Prue, how do you know we're not too late? I mean, if we didn't get there on time and stop him...

Prue: He would have killed an innocent and then it would have been too late, but we did stop him, so now we still have time to save him. Alright, I'm going to talk to Tom's mother, see if she knows anything. Maybe you guys could come up with, like, a spell to find him or something.

[Scene: Kellman's office. Kellman and a guy are there.]

Guy: Mr. Kellman, I swear I can make this right, I swear it.

Kellman: I was clear, wasn't I? I make your problems go away and you owe me. Now, did you forget about the last part of the deal?

Guy: I-I can pay you back. I just need more time.

Kellman: More time? You don't have any more time. Your debt is due and payable now.

Guy: Please, I'll do anything.

(Kellman makes an elevator appear.)

Kellman: Oh, yes, you will. Come on. (Kellman pushes the guy in the elevator and it goes down. The elevator disappears. Kellman turns to Tom.) Now I don't have to go over all this again with you too, Tom, do I?

Tom: Temporary setback, Mr. Kellman. It won't happen again.

Kellman: You know, you're not the only one exposed here. You got a contract with me and I got a contract with the Source. Five full graduates by tomorrow night. Now, all the others have made their kills. What's the problem?

Tom: A witch intervened.

Kellman: What? A witch? How the hell did that happen?

Tom: I don't know, but I wasn't followed. I used every safeguard I learned in the academy.

Kellman: Well, she must be tracking the innocent. We'll have to get you another one, but we're running out of time here. (He picks up the newspaper.) Just kill this one, but do it fast or else there'll be hell to pay.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Phoebe and Leo are there.]

Leo: Phoebe.

Phoebe: I don't want to talk about it.

Leo: You have to tell them, Phoebe. You can't wait any longer.

Phoebe: Well, it's not really an easy thing to drop into conversation, Leo. You know, like, "Your hair looks great. Cole's not dead. I let him go."

Leo: Confession is good for the soul.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, how about we skip the confession part and go straight to penance? Okay, I will be such a force for good, the bad guys won't know what him them.

Leo: You can't pretend it didn't happen, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Yeah, and I can't change the fact that it did, Leo. So if you will excuse me, I have a demon to vanquish, and you have a ring to find. (Phoebe walks in the living room carrying the Book of Shadows. Piper's there watering the plants.) Scrying for witches, a spell to find lost love, but there's nothing in here about how to find a demon.

Piper: Oh, well, probably because they usually find us.

Phoebe: Well, there's got to be away.

Piper: If there is, Prue's gonna have to find it. Um, was there anything in there, you know, to help Leo find my ring?

Phoebe: Piper, we can't just give up. We have to find this demon before it kills somebody.

Piper: Okay, well, do you got a spell?

Phoebe: Maybe.

[Time lapse. Phoebe's in her room, reaching under her bed. She pulls out box and sits on her bed. She opens it up and pulls out a piece of paper. Piper walks in.]

Piper: I'm afraid to ask.

Phoebe: Just something that I thought that I needed and then decided that I didn't.

(Piper takes the piece of paper off of Phoebe and reads it.)

Piper: Okay.

Phoebe: It's a lost and found spell.

Piper: Wow, perfect timing. Do I want to know what you were trying to find?

Phoebe: Cole.

Piper: Cole? Honey, you were trying to bring a demon back from the dead?

Phoebe: No. He's still alive. I never really vanquished him.

Piper: I'm sorry...

Phoebe: It's over, he's not coming back and I don't want him to either.

Piper: Phoebe, you-you let him go? Are you out of your mind?

Phoebe: He's not after us anymore. He won't hurt us.

Piper: No, you-you don't know that.

Phoebe: Yes, I do. Piper, I just, I couldn't kill him.

Piper: Phoebe, you lied to us.

Phoebe: I know, I'm sorry.

Piper: So this is where this new Wonder Woman attitude comes from? A guilty conscience?

Phoebe: No... well, maybe. I don't know.

Piper: You have to tell Prue.

Phoebe: Hmm, she won't understand.

Piper: Yeah, well, she's not the only one.

[Scene: Tom Peters' place. Prue is there talking to his mother.]

Mrs. Peters: He was so fast. His coach said he could have run track too, but all Tom cares about is football.

Prue: I am sorry that we lost touch but, um, what happened after he got hurt?

Mrs. Peters: He was depressed. I understood.

Prue: So the stories that I heard about his being in trouble...

Mrs. Peters: The gambling rumours? Don't believe a word of it. No one over came to me looking for money and Mr. Kellman would have told me if there was a problem.

Prue: Mr. Kellman?

Mrs. Peters: His business manager. He took such good care of Tom, and he was a wonderful help to me after Tom went away.

Prue: Mrs. Peters, what do you think happened?

Mrs. Peters: I think Tom has some things to take care of and he'll be home when he can. I know it in my heart. My son's a good man.

[Cut to the manor. Phoebe and Piper are sitting at a table. Phoebe lights a candle. Piper is holding onto a crystal.]

Piper, Phoebe: "Guiding spirits I ask your charity, lend me your focus and clarity, (Prue walks in) lead me to the one I cannot find, restore that and my peace of mind."

Prue: Hey, what's all this?

(Phoebe blows out the candle.)

Phoebe: Oh, we were just looking for Tom. You know, with a little spell that we created.

Piper: You created.

Phoebe: Wow, you came up with the whole ritual that fast?

Piper: Actually, not as fast as you would think.

(Phoebe kicks Piper under the table.)

Prue: Well, thank you. I really appreciate you guys doing this for me.

Piper: She didn't exactly do it for you.

Phoebe: Okay, what did Tom's mother say?

Prue: Poor lady. She talks about him like he's been gone a week as opposed to six years and she actually think he's coming back.

Piper: Based on...

Prue: Faith, and I would like to prove her right.

Phoebe: Well, we're doing everything we can.

Prue: Yeah, and you know what? We have saved bad boys before. I mean, what about the priest with the warlock brothers?

Piper: Yeah, but Prue, he wanted to be saved. Can you guarantee that about Tom or any other demon-human mix...

Phoebe: This is not about Cole, okay? That's a whole other subject.

Piper: One worth discussing.

Prue: Am I missing something here?

Piper: Yes...

Phoebe: Yes, actually, we are missing Tom and he's someone we should probably continue talking about. So if this spell works and we actually find him, what do we do? Do we vanquish him?

Prue: Well, I'm hoping that it won't come to that.

Phoebe: Yeah, but what if it does, Prue?

(They hear a bang at the door.)

Prue: What was that?

Phoebe: You changing the subject.

(They go into the foyer and open the front door. Prue picks up the newspaper.)

Prue: Huh, alright, since when did they start delivering newspapers in the afternoon?

(They flip through the paper and notice all the pictures are missing.)

Piper: Since they started taking out all the pictures.

Phoebe: Wow, it's a pretty cool spell if I do say so myself.

Prue: Yeah, except what is it telling us?

(Phoebe turns to the Metro section and sees a picture of a woman.)

Phoebe: Oh, that. "Claudia Gibson will discuss the mayor's position on Net News Live today at 2:00." Which is ten minutes ago.

(Phoebe goes inside.)

Piper: Hmm? Our next innocent?

Prue: As in Tom's next victim.

(Phoebe comes out with the car keys.)

Phoebe: Keys.

Prue: Thanks. Come on.

[Scene: Outside a building. Claudia walks towards her car. Tom follows her from behind. Prue, Piper and Phoebe pull up near by and gets out of the car. Tom throws a fireball at Claudia but Piper freezes it before it can hit her. They run over to them.]

Piper: Well, we didn't bring a vanquish, but if we throw him into the street that might do the trick.

Prue: We are not gonna vanquish him.

Phoebe: Prue, he almost killed that woman.

Prue: Almost, but didn't. (Prue uses her power and the fireball hits a car.) Alright, we need to get him home.

Phoebe: Wha—our home? You're voluntarily bringing a demon back to our home?

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Prue's looking through the Book of Shadows. Tom is tied to a chair and is struggling to get free. Piper and Phoebe walk in and Piper freezes him.]

Piper: Did you find anything yet?

Prue: Not yet.

Piper: Well, while we're waiting this would be a good time to discuss something.

(The phone rings downstairs.)

Phoebe: Oh, phone. Piper'll get it.

Piper: Nope. Machine, remember?

Prue: Leo was right.

Phoebe: About what?

Prue: About the demonic training academy. It's right here in the Book.

Phoebe: Oh, really?

Prue: "A brutal training program which destroys humanity and renders the subject demonic." Alright, so if Tom is completely demonic, he'll have a brand on his arm with six chevrons.

(Piper pulls up Tom's sleeve and reveals five chevrons.)

Piper: He's only got five.

Prue: Good, that means he's not fully converted.

Phoebe: We better vanquish him while we can.

Prue: You know, when Cole was the hybrid in question, you were all about saving him.

Piper: Excellent point.

Phoebe: Yes, well, I learned from my mistake.

Piper: And which mistake was that?

Phoebe: Believing that I could save a demon.

Prue: Hmm. Well, like I said before, this is different. (Tom unfreezes. Prue walks over to him.) Tom, look at me. Do you remember me from college?

(He throws a fireball.)

Piper: Hmm, does that mean he remembers you or he doesn't? (The doorbell rings.) What is going on down there?

Prue: Why don't you guys go and find out?

Phoebe: And leave you alone with him?

Prue: I can handle him, it's okay.

(Piper and Phoebe leave the attic.)

[Cut to the foyer. Phoebe opens the door.]

Darryl: Got Tom's file.

Phoebe: We got Tom.

(A white dog runs inside and goes in the living room.)

Piper: Rasputin! Get off the... get... Rasputin?

Darryl: You got a dog?

Phoebe: No, that's our Grams' dog, and he's been lost for...

Piper: Seven years, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Okay, so there's one small side effect. We can handle that.

(The phone continues to ring.)

Piper: Why is the answering machine not picking up?

(Piper goes into another room.)

Phoebe: I cast a little spell.

Darryl: The less I know, the happier I am.

[Cut to the kitchen. Piper answers the phone.]

Piper: Hello? An old friend of Prue's. Okay, let me get a pencil. Aah! (She opens a drawer and dozens of pencils fall out onto the floor. She sees her ring on the floor.) Oh my god, oh my god, oh my... oh, call back again soon.

(Phoebe walks in. She has her brown hair back.)

Phoebe: What is it? What did you find?

Piper: Lost friends, mum's ring, and your brown hair. Oh, yeah, mm-hmm.

(Phoebe looks at herself in a tray and quickly puts it back down.)

Phoebe: I did not want my brown hair back, I wanted to keep that lost.

Darryl: You were blonde when you answered the door. How'd it change?

Phoebe: Well, it must be because I coloured my hair in that sink. So technically I lost it there and now I've found it again. I hope this doesn't affect my virginity.

Piper: Wait, so everything is coming back to where it was lost? That means you lost your... oh!

(Hundreds of socks fall out of the laundry room.)

Phoebe: Okay, so it's a big side effect.

Piper: Those better be clean. If not, it's laundry day for you, missy.

[Cut back up to the attic.]

Tom: You don't scare me. I've been trained to deal with witches.

Prue: I'd forgotten how proud you were when we knew each other.

Tom: I've forgotten you completely.

Prue: You don't want to tell me what happened because you don't want to admit how badly you screwed up.

Tom: I didn't.

Prue: It's obvious. While you were still human, you were stupid enough to enter into some demonic contract.

Tom: I was never human.

Prue: You had to have been. Otherwise, you wouldn't have made it into the academy. Yes, I know about the academy. I know about the chevrons. I also know that you haven't killed your innocent, yet.

Tom: I will.

Prue: You'll have to get past me first.

Tom: Kellman'll kill us both if I don't.

Prue: Kellman. Tom, I know who you are, the person that you were, alright, and I know that somewhere in there it still exists. Look, Tom. (Prue shows him the yearbook.) This is who you are, alright? This is who your mother is waiting for.

Tom: Vanquish me, or I will kill you, witch.

Prue: Neither is going to happen, alright? I am going to save you from yourself whether you like it or not.

(She loosens the ropes with her power. She walks out of the attic.)

[Cut to the kitchen. Prue walks in. The room is full of stuff.]

Prue: Okay, so I think I have an idea of how to... whoa.

Phoebe: My lost and found spell's a little too enthusiastic.

Piper: We're finding stuff all over the house. It's endless.

Darryl: I don't mean to sound paranoid, but after all these years I think I've earned that right. How do you know your spell is not gonna find demons that you're already vanquished?

Piper: Oh, you mean like Belthazor.

Prue: Okay, one demon at a time. Did you get anything on Tom?

Darryl: Just a missing persons file.

(Darryl hands her the file.)

Prue: Alright, anything on a man named Kellman?

(They hear a door close.)

Piper: What was that?

Prue: That would be Tom escaping.

Phoebe: What?

Prue: Yeah, I loosened his ropes. I'm hoping to track him down to the demon that turned him, break him, break his hold on Tom. Anything that you can get me on Kellman I'd appreciate, okay?

Phoebe: Alright, I guess we're going now.

Piper: Shouldn't we reverse the spell first?

(The girls leave the kitchen. The wind blows through the kitchen and freaks Darryl out.)

[Scene: A building. Tom is making his way to Kellman's office. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are following behind. Tom walks inside his office.]

Prue: Alright, you ready?

Phoebe: Ready for what?

Prue: To save him.

(Prue, Piper and Phoebe walk into Kellman's office. No one's there.)

Phoebe: Where'd he go?

Prue: Doesn't make any sense. If he could vanish, he would have done it before.

Piper: I got a bad feeling about this.

[Cut to the underground. Tom gets out of the elevator and walks over to Kellman.]

Tom: I have good news, Mr. Kellman.

Kellman: You killed the innocent.

Tom: Better. I can deliver you three witches.

Kellman: Witches? I don't care about witches. I care about deadlines. Yours and mine. You know, if I weren't running out of time, I'd have you drum... (Kellman leans over and sniffs Tom.) Is that humanity I'm sensing from you? Huh? Now how did that come back? That was supposed to be drummed out of you by now. You need a refresher course.

(Lights comes on around a wrestling ring. Two demons take Tom away.)

[Cut back to Kellman's office. Piper picks up a soccer ball.]

Piper: This is weird. So Kellman poses as a human and then what? Gives athletes a way out of their problems?

Phoebe: Yeah, a demonic way out.

Prue: Alright, what about your lost and found spell? Do you think you could rewrite it to find Tom?

Phoebe: Maybe. Uh, how about, "Show me the past that I cannot find, to save Tom and restore Prue's peace of mind."

(The elevator appears.)

Piper: Oh, whoa.

Prue: Way to go, Pheebs.

[Cut to the underground. A guy and a really large wrestler are in the ring. The wrestler starts throwing the guy around.]

[Cut back to the office. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are standing in the elevator.]

Piper: Remind me again why we are doing this.

Phoebe: Because your sisters have a thing for saving bad boys.

Piper: If I die before I get married, I'm gonna be really mad at the two of you.

(They get on the elevator and it goes down to the underground. The doors open.)

Phoebe: Oh god.

Piper: Okay, I'd still like to point out that I have a really bad feeling about this. (They walk out of the elevator and see them wrestling.) What the...?

Phoebe: Oh, no.

Wrestler: I'm the man!

(The wrestler holds the guy on the mat and a hole opens up beneath him. The guy falls into the flames.)

Kellman: Next!

(Tom goes in the ring.)

Prue: Tom.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Continued from before.]

Prue: Tom.

(Prue starts to walk over but Phoebe and Piper stop her.)

Piper: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Phoebe: Whoa!

Piper: Are you nuts?

Phoebe: Maybe we need to go back up top and rethink this whole thing.

Prue: Oh, well, you know what, Phoebe? That would be such a great plan if Tom weren't seconds away from annihilation.

Phoebe: Okay, so we're supposed to risk our lives to save a demon? Of course, it's okay now that it's your demon, right?

Piper: The thing is, isn't it silly for the three of us to sacrifice ourselves for one guy, whatever kind of guy he was?

Prue: Alright, what kind of witches would we be if we started playing the odds, if we started picking and choosing our innocents? I mean, this is what we do, isn't it?

Phoebe: Then let's do it.

Prue: Okay.

Piper: But...

Prue: Tom!

(The men start to run over to them and Piper freezes them all but Kellman, Tom and the wrestler. Kellman makes a ball with three sharp blades sticking out of it hover near Tom.)

Kellman: Your little parlour tricks may work on some of the newer boys but the rest of us will be a little tougher.

(He pulls up his sleeve to reveal eight chevrons on his arm.)

[Cut to the police station. Darryl's in a room looking through a file cabinet. Leo orbs in. Darryl quickly shuts the door.]

Darryl: Man, you can't do that around here!

Leo: I can't sense the girls anywhere, which is never good. Do you know where they might be?

Darryl: They were tailing their demon, hoping he would lead them to his... bigger demon.

Leo: Do you know who that is?

Darryl: Prue asked me to check a manager named Kellman. He paid all of Tom's bills after he disappeared, but...

Leo: He could be a recruiter. Do you have an address?

(Darryl hands Leo a file.)

Darryl: Do you think Kellman's a demon? Well, what kind of powers do you think we should expect? (Leo looks at the file and orbs out.) Oh, see, okay, now that ain't right.

[Cut back to the underground.]

Kellman: You girls are way out of your league down here. You have no idea.

Prue: Well, we know that you have a deadline, Mr. Kellman. Time to deliver your recruits?

Kellman: And you think you can stop me, hmm? Think you can save him? I kind of admire that level of arrogance.

Prue: Thanks. We kind of like to think of it as confidence.

Kellman: Well, get over it. He's lost.

Tom: I made a deal. I stand by it.

(The sharp ball disappears. Tom gets out of the ring and stands next to Kellman.)

Kellman: Now, you see that? Now, that's what I call a quick recovery, huh? Knocked the humanity right out of him and we got a perfect kill for him too.

Piper: Uh, not if we put him on ice. (Piper freezes him.) Kind of hard to make him kill an innocent now, huh?

Kellman: Unfreeze him.

Piper: Nope.

(Kellman walks towards Piper.)

Piper: Ah! If anything happens to me, he's gonna stay that way.

Phoebe: (whispers) Is that true?

Piper: (whispers) Yes.

Kellman: You're bluffing.

Prue: Are we?

Kellman: I'm listening.

Prue: Alright, how about three witches in exchange for Tom's soul?

Phoebe: Prue!

Prue: If we win, we get Tom back. If we lose, you get Tom and the three of us. Risk one to gain four.

Kellman: You really think you can win in the ring?

Prue: Well, you know, we don't really have much of a choice. But if we do win, we don't go into the training program. We go free.

Kellman: Did your homework. Okay, you got a deal. You win, you go free. But if you lose, you die. I can't control what happens in the ring, only the source can.

Prue: Understood.

(Prue, Piper and Phoebe move away and take off their coats.)

Piper: Hey, you that bad feeling I was talking about? It's getting stronger.

Prue: Alright, you need to stay here and keep Tom frozen, okay?

Piper: I hate this crappy freezing power!

Prue: Okay, our powers seem to have a limited effect on these guys. So we're gonna have to outmaneuver them.

Phoebe: And outsmart them and keep our shoulders off the mat. Piece of cake.

Prue: So I guess we're as ready as we're ever gonna be.

Phoebe: Uh, Prue, there's one more thing.

Piper: Now? Now is your perfect moment?

Phoebe: Piper, we might die in there.

Piper: That doesn't mean you should tell her now.

Prue: Okay, tell me what?

Phoebe: Cole is still alive. I never really vanquished him.

Prue: What?

Kellman: By the way, since you're witches, I think it's only fair that I even the playing field.

(Two very large wrestlers come out.)

Wrestler #2: (yelling) You look at this face! This is the face of pain and I'm the bringer of pain! And I'm gonna destroy you! You can cry for mercy but I don't know the meaning of the word!

Prue: Alright, and people think this is entertainment.

Phoebe: Prue...

(Phoebe touches Prue's arm and she pulls away.)

Prue: Ooh!

Phoebe: Are we okay?

Prue: Not by a long shot. Look, Phoebe, it you waited till now to tell me about Cole in hopes that we would die and you wouldn't have to deal with me, you have another thing coming.

(Prue walk away.)

Phoebe: (to Piper) I think that went well.

(Prue and Phoebe go into the ring.)

Prue: Alright, I am going to win this fight and save your ass. That way I can kick it myself later.

Phoebe: Hi.

Piper: Oh boy, oh boy.

(Prue jumps up and kicks both of the wrestlers in the head.)

Phoebe: Wow.

(They all start fighting.)

Piper: Okay, oh god, oh god, come on, do something! Get angry! Focus! Get motivated! Prue, listen to me. She lied to you big time. Big time lied to you. Come on, get angry! Come on, or else we're in big deep. Phoebe, she thinks you're a weakling, like, big time sucker for love. Oh god!

(Kellman puts the sharp ball in Piper's back. She falls to the floor. Everyone unfreezes.)

Prue: Piper!

Kellman: Called your bluff.

Phoebe: Piper!

(The wrestlers continue to beat up Prue and Phoebe. Once wrestler is dragging an injured Prue by the leg while the other is sitting on Phoebe.)

Kellman: (to Tom) Let's go see how mum's doing, shall we? Slammer. Yeah, baby.

(One of the wrestlers holds Phoebe down on the mat. The hole starts to open.)

Phoebe: No! Aah, Prue!

Commercial Break

[Scene: Underground. Continued from before. Prue kicks both the wrestlers and helps Phoebe up.]

Phoebe: Thank you.

Prue: Alright, we have to save Piper.

Phoebe: How do we do that?

Prue: By kicking ass. (They kick the wrestlers in the head and they fall on the mat. Prue and Phoebe hold the wrestlers down. The hole starts to open.) Alright, 1, 2, 3.

(Prue and Phoebe move out of the way and the wrestlers fall down the hole. Prue and Phoebe run over to Piper.)

Prue: Anyone else want a piece of this?

(The demons run away.)

Phoebe: Prue, it looks really bad. I don't know if we're gonna make it to Leo.

Prue: Yeah, we will, come on.

(They drag her to the elevator.)

[Cut to Kellman's office. Leo's there looking through his stuff. Prue and Phoebe carry Piper out of the elevator.]

Phoebe: Leo!

Leo: What happened?

Prue: Hurry! I think she's stopped breathing.

(They lay her on the ground and Leo pulls out the sharp ball. He starts to heal her.)

Leo: It's working.

Phoebe: Okay, not that I'm not thrilled to see you, but what are you doing here, Leo?

Leo: I was looking for you. I thought I'd start with Kellman.

Phoebe: He's the recruiter.

Leo: I figured. The Elders think the key to destroying him is to turn one of his recruits against him.

Phoebe: So first we have to figure out a way to save Tom.

Prue: Alright, so I'll call Morris, get him to bring Tom's mum to the manor. Then we just have to figure out a way to get Tom there.

Phoebe: Wait, you want them in the same house?

Prue: Yeah, she's gotta be the key to saving him, otherwise why would Kellman want Tom to kill her?

Phoebe: Okay, well, maybe I could figure out a way to tweak the lost and found spell again, lure him to the house and after all, Tom's a lost soul, right?

Prue: She gonna be okay?

Leo: Yeah, go. I'll take care of Piper.

Prue: You sure?

Leo: Yeah.

(Prue and Phoebe walk outside.)

Phoebe: Prue, maybe we should talk about this first.

Prue: Yeah, we'll have to figure how to take out Kellman on the way.

Phoebe: That's not what I meant.

Prue: Now's not really the time, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Prue, what if we don't have any time? Look, we may not be able to defeat Kellman. We could lose.

Prue: We won't lose.

Phoebe: How do you know that, Prue? All you want to do is save Tom, which is all I wanted to do for Cole.

Prue: Okay, Phoebe, don't try and turn this around on me, alright? I'm not the one who kept secrets from you.

Phoebe: I didn't tell you because I knew you wouldn't understand. You hated Cole.

Prue: No, I didn't trust him, and I was right.

Phoebe: You never gave him a chance.

Prue: He didn't deserve a chance.

Phoebe: Oh, and what makes Tom deserve a chance?

Prue: Because he started out good. He didn't start out trying to kill us. Can we talk about this later?

[Cut back to Kellman's office. Leo heals Piper.]

Piper: Hey, guess what? I found mum's ring. (She sits up.) Ooh.

(They hug.)

[Scene: Outside Mrs. Peters' place. Mrs. Peters gets some groceries out of her car. Darryl pulls up and walks over to her.]

Darryl: Mrs. Peters? Detective Morris, San Francisco P.D.

Mrs. Peters: Tom?

[Cut to the manor. Rasputin is on the couch barking at eerie noises. Darryl and Mrs. Peters walk in.]

Mrs. Peters: What was that? What are those noises?

Darryl: I'm not quite sure.

(Prue and Phoebe come in.)

Prue: Thanks for coming, Mrs. Peters.

Mrs. Peters: But I don't understand.

Prue: You will soon. Any sign of Kellman?

Darryl: No, but there are plenty of other signs.

Phoebe: Uh-oh, seems like some lost souls were found.

Prue: Yeah, we need to reverse this spell quick.

Mrs. Peters: Where's Tom? (Kellman and Tom walk in.) Tom!

(Darryl stops Mrs. Peters from going over to him.)

Darryl: No!

Kellman: How did you...

Prue: 'Cause we're not done with you yet.

Kellman: I told you it was too late to save Tom. But thank you for leading us to the victim. Kill her, Tom.

(Tom throws a fireball at his mother. Darryl pushes her out of the way. Prue uses her power on Kellman.)

Prue: Listen to me. Look at your mother. Remember what it felt like to be human. Remember what it feels like to be loved.

(Kellman makes the sharp ball appear near Mrs. Peters' neck. The lost souls fly around the room.)

Phoebe: Prue, we're about to have other problems from other worlds.

Mrs. Peters: Tom? Help me!

Kellman: Kill her, damn it.

(Tom goes over and grabs onto the ball. He hesitates and then throws it at Kelllman. The lost souls fly around him.)

Phoebe: What the hell is happening?

Prue: I think there are some lost souls welcoming a new friend. Get rid of them.

Phoebe: "I return what I didn't want to find, let it be out of sight, out of mind."

(Kellman is vanquished and the souls disappear. Tom's chevrons disappear.)

Tom: Mum. Mum, I'm so sorry.

(They hug.)

Mrs. Peters: Oh! Oh, Tommy! It's alright. Everything's alright.

Phoebe: I guess some guys are worth saving after all.

[Scene: Manor. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Leo are there. They are looking at their mother's ring which is now on Piper's finger.]

Piper: Isn't that beautiful?

Prue: Yes, and it's right where it belongs. So is Tom, by the way, at home with his mum.

Leo: And I got Rasputin back to the family he was living with.

Phoebe: So maybe the spell wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Piper: Are you kidding? We're gonna have to hold a huge garage sale every Saturday for like the next three months to get rid of all the stuff that came back here.

Leo: Yeah. Who knows what trouble may be caused if those lost souls had stayed around.

Phoebe: Okay, okay, I will fix it. You guys go and have a nice dinner. (Piper and Leo leave the manor. Prue and Phoebe walk in the living room. Phoebe burns the spell in the fireplace.) So now everything's back to normal.

Prue: What about your hair?

Phoebe: Mmm, I'm tempted to keep it but I don't know, I think the blonde's coming back.

Prue: Is anything else?

Phoebe: No. You were right about Tom and I was wrong about Cole. I'm sorry.

Prue: And you think that just takes care of it? I'm sorry?

Phoebe: Well, obviously an apology doesn't fix it, but I'm not stupid, Prue, I know that I made a bad choice.

Prue: A choice that betrayed us.

Phoebe: I didn't do it to betray you, Prue, I did it out of love.

Prue: Right. Love. Love that almost got all of us killed.

Phoebe: You wanted to save Tom after, I don't know, how many years? Why can't you understand how I felt about Cole?

Prue: Phoebe, what I don't understand is how you could have lied to us. Piper and me, a lie, that still poses a threat to all three of us.

Phoebe: Where do we go from here?

Prue: I don't know.