Womb Raider is the 21st episode of the fourth season and the 87th overall episode of Charmed.


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When Phoebe's baby shows signs of her demonic powers, The Seer plots to steal the baby and gain the power bestowed upon the heir of The Source.


Main Cast[]

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Magical Notes[]

Book of Shadows[]

The Seer[]

An upper level
demon who has
been around for
thousands of
years. Because she
has the power to
see the future, she
is a top advisor to
the Source of all
Evil. In fact, she has served multiple Sources, choosing to
remain close to the ultimate power. She is a magical craftsman and
master at spells and tonics, but only kills when she has to.

The Tall Man[]

Oral tradition tells of a giant whose body served as a portal to other dimensions. Because he was imprisoned centuries ago, nobody knows what this demon's name is or if he even exists. There's no known vanquish for him. The Source was so threatened by him, he condemned the giant to spend eternity in a cage.

The Grimoire[]

Source Coronation Ceremony[]

A Dark Priest is to officiate the ritual in which the new Source would be coronated. Once the blessings are given, the Dark Priest would stand behind the Grimoire and say the oath. Once the oath is finished, power will flow through the new Source, by which they are required to perform a human sacrifice to seal the coronation.

Occidit una domus.
Omne quas meruere pati poenas.


Vanishing Spell[]

Let the Object
of Objection
Become but
a Dream
As I cause
the Seen
to be Unseen

To Steal an Unborn Child[]

An altar of roses and black candles is needed.

Give me strength, and give me might,
to steal a child in still of night.
Darkest forces, let it be,
Hear my plea, bring life to me.

To Call a Lost Witch[]

Power of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here.

The Power of Three Spell[]

The power of three will set us free
The power of three will set us free
The power of three will set us free



  • Glistening: Used by the Seer to appear in the coronation room in the Underworld, and later to teleport to the dungeon where the Tall Man was kept.
  • Pyrokinesis: Used by the Source's Heir to set Phoebe's hair on fire. The Seer's hair was also set on fire when pregnant with the Source's Heir.
  • Electrokinesis: Used by the Source's Heir to electrocute the doctor.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper to freeze the doctor.
  • Orbing: Used by Paige to orb out of the attic and used by Leo to orb into the dining room.
  • Telekinetic Orbing: Paige tele-orbs the safe door into her hands at the penthose.
  • Transformation: Used by the Source's Heir to change a piece of watermelon into raw meat.
  • Fire Throwing: Used by Phoebe through the Source's Heir to throw fire in the Manor.
  • Telekinesis: Used by the Source's Heir to knock books and files off a shelf in the inspector's office and to send off the glass with the binding potion before Phoebe could drink it (it would bind his powers as well).
  • Fireballs: Used by the Source's Heir to make a fireball in Phoebe's hand.
  • Fading: Used by The Tall Man to appear in the Manor.
  • Molecular Combustion: Used by Piper to try to kill The Tall Man.
  • Swallowing: Used by Tall Man to swallow a chair in the manor and Paige.
  • Premonition: Used by The Seer to send Phoebe a premonition.
  • Advanced Fire Throwing: Used by Phoebe through the Source's Heir to attack and kill The Tall Man. The Seer used this to vanquish Dane and attack the cage after she transferred the Source's Heir into her womb.
  • Flaming: Used by Phoebe to flame out of the attic and to appear in the dungeon and by the Seer to flame in the coronation room, both while pregnant with the Source's Heir.
  • Summoning: Used by the Seer to summon the cage with Phoebe and Paige in it to the coronation room.


  • The Grimoire: An evil counterpart to the Book of Shadows. The Grimoire is a large brown book with an unknown demonic symbol of an upside down pentagram and skull on the cover. The pages of the Grimoire are said to be blackened by its evil. Much like the Book of Shadows, the Grimoire possesses the power to protect itself from its enemies or anything Good.
  • The Seer's Cage: This magical cage is an indestructable metal cage forged by the Seer. It was designed so no magic could ever leave the cage, though magic could enter it. The cage was forged to imprison even the most powerful magical beings.

Notes and Trivia[]


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  • The spell of the Power of Three is used again. It was used the last time in "Be Careful What You Witch For". Paige casts it for the first time.
  • During this episode, the number of evil beings vanquished on the show passes the 200 mark.
  • More demons are vanquished in this episode than in any other - a total of 36.
  • This is one of four episodes in season 4 that Cole does not appear in. However, at the end of this episode, Cole's voice is heard.
  • This is the third time the Source is vanquished in season 4. The first was in Charmed and Dangerous, then in Long Live the Queen. The Source will be vanquished again in season 8's Desperate Housewitches.
  • Piper talks about Melinda, her daughter seen in Morality Bites.
  • The Seer is vanquished in this episode but will be seen again in the alternative reality of Centennial Charmed.
  • This is the second time someone was able to intentionally trigger one of Phoebe's premonitions; the first time, it was sent by Rex Buckland who formed a fake premonition to get Phoebe to be a witness against Prue for murder.
  • Phoebe does not use her Levitation power.

Cultural References[]

  • The title is a reference to the hit video game series, and the subsequent films, "Tomb Raider".
  • Piper says "Maybe your baby would prefer listening to Ozzy!", referring to the rock star Ozzy Osbourne, of Black Sabbath, who became even more famous when his MTV reality show "The Osbournes" aired. Paige also talks about the show in "House Call".
  • Piper says "I'm gonna hit the Book of Shadows and figure out a way to control Chucky there". Chucky is the name of the doll possessed by the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray in the "Child's Play" series of horror films.

Continuity Errors[]

  • Piper mentions that babies don't use magic in the first trimester. But, in "That '70s Episode", unborn Phoebe gives Patty a premonition when she was barely pregnant.


Episode Stills[]


Piper: Let me get this straight, you guys summon me to a cage, where my powers don't work, so we could all die together?!!
Paige: Well, the plan has some flaws, admittedly.

International Titles[]

  • French: Pouvoir absolu (Absolute Power)
  • Czech: Prokleté těhotenství (Cursed Pregnancy)
  • Slovak: Von z môjho lona (Get Out of My Womb)
  • Italian: Piccolo Diavolo (Little Devil)
  • Russian: Расхитительница утроб [Rashititel′nica utrob] (Womb Raider)
  • Spanish (Latin America): Tras la cigüeña (The Stork Comes)
  • Spanish (Spain): La invasión del útero (The Womb Invasion)
  • Serbian: Zlo seme (Evil Seed)
  • German: Die Brut des Bösen (The Brood of Evil)
  • Hungarian: Méhrabló (Womb Raider)
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