Leo, Piper, Wyatt and Chris are posing for a family portrait, when the Avatars appear to Leo. They tell him of someone who has information that could bring the Charmed Ones into alliance with the Avatars. Leo finds Kyra, a Seer he consulted two months ago under attack by demons; he vanquishes the demons with bolts of lightning and brings her to the manor. She bumps into the Charmed Ones, but Leo convinces them to spare her.

A demon gang plans to kill Kyra, saying she has betrayed demon kind. One plans to release Zankou, but another argues, saying that the Source had imprisoned Zankou for a reason. One of the arguing demons vanquishes the one who wants to release Zankou. The demons plan to attack the Charmed Ones.

Darryl comes to the manor, still worried about Inspector Sheridan and suspicious of Kyle. He wants Phoebe to scry for Sheridan and gives her a pen that Sheridan had used.

Leo saves Kyra, a Seer, from Demons

Kyra makes a long list of demands, the last of which is that she wants to be made human. Piper is suspicious, thinking she has no information, but demons then attack them. Leo and Piper fight them off; this is offered as proof that Kyra is telling the truth.

Phoebe begins to bond with Kyra as she goes through a family album, and they discuss their respective gifts. Kyra takes the pen and she and Phoebe fade to Darryl. The three find Sheridan in a coma in a mental hospital. Kyle admits putting her there, to protect the Charmed Ones from exposure.

The demons free Zankou, who promptly vanquishes a shapeshifter, taking his power.

Kyra shares with Phoebe her vision

Phoebe places her hands in Kyra's and has a vision, of meeting her two nephews and a daughter and telling them that demons no longer exist, thanks to the Avatars. She senses that the world has become a utopia. As she releases Kyra's hand, she has a premonition and sees Zankou vanquishing her. With Piper and Phoebe open to the Avatars being good, Leo admits that he is an Avatar himself.

Kyra is attacked by Zankou

Leo and Phoebe orb to Magic School and Phoebe shows one of the Elders her vision. The Elder thinks this is a trick, but Phoebe convinces him to make Kyra human.

When Kyra is about to be made human, she borrows one of Phoebe's dresses, and reveals her name to Piper. "Phoebe" walks into the attic, approaches Kyra and convinces Piper to leave. "Phoebe" suddenly shapeshifts back into Zankou and kills Kyra. Leo orbs in with the real Phoebe and they see her devastating death. Piper and Phoebe, tired of constant demon attacks, are now willing to talk to the Avatars. Leo summons them and three Avatars; Alpha, Beta and Gamma appear.

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