"Welcome back to "Witch Wars". Tonight on a very special episode, you'll see the ultimate battle when the game masters themselves take on not just any witches, but the legendary Charmed Ones. It'll be one that takes all—and we will take all: their lives, their powers, and last, but not least, their progeny."
—Corr's declaration to challenge the Charmed Ones[src]

Witch Wars was a short-lived demonic reality gameshow hosted by the Game Masters Corr and Clea, which was later violently cancelled by Phoebe.


Witch Wars was a demonic reality gameshow hosted by the Game Masters Corr and Clea. The couple was looking to gain enough power to rule the Underworld. They tried to accomplish this task by asking demons of different levels to fight against witches and earn their powers through an athame. Participants would have their powers transferred to the game masters if they die as part of the contract drawn by blood.


Several witches were killed by demons for the show, to which an Apprentice Demon saw the murder of a witch who could shoot fire from her hands.

In a "Round 1" for one fateful day, a Brute Demon, a Shapeshifter, and a Warlock were assigned to steal a necklace from the witch Tali, as part of Gideon's plan to distract the Charmed Ones. The warlock—the last seen on the show—was vanquished by Paige with potion, while the Brute Demon got the necklace.

In "Round 2", to which the objective was to kill Tali, the dead warlock was replaced by a Darklighter. The Brute Demon got a headstart for winning the previous round, while the Shapeshifter had to confront Phoebe for losing the first round. The Shapeshifter knocked out Kyle Donie and impersonated him to trick Phoebe, while the Brute Demon set a trap for Paige and Leo. However, they quickly realized it was a trap, and Paige vanquished the Brute Demon with potion, much to the amusement of the demon spectator Thor. The Darklighter successfully killed Tali, and then killed the Shapeshifter at the suggestion of Corr to eliminate the competition. Corr proceeded to vanquish the Darklighter "as an end-of-game twist" (really to gain his power). Demon spectator Rork commented that this was an interesting twist.

For the final round, Corr and Clea decided to go after the Charmed Ones themselves. However, Clea was vanquished by Leo with one of the power-sucking athames used in the show, which Phoebe used to gain the demonic powers. After vanquishing Corr, Phoebe shimmered into the demonic bar where the show was aired and vanquished the demon audience, including Thor, Rork, and the Pool Player. Thus, Witch Wars was cancelled.

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This gameshow poked fun at the ever-growing popularity for reality TV.
  • The title may be a reference to Star Wars.