"Please tell me we didn't just help a witch hunter get a witch."
Phoebe after realizing Agent Jackman is a hunter.[src]

Witch Hunters are mortal vigilantes who hunt down witches and kill them without trial. They are known to develop a sense of hatred towards witches, magical or practitioners, because of what they can do and their gifts. These hunters have existed throughout history where they hunted and persecuted witches.


Colonial Virginia[]

"You know why they burned witches at the stake four hundred years ago? So they would burn forever in eternal fire. They used greenwood too made it last longer, prolong the agony."
Agent Jackman describing how his ancestors worked.[src]

A troupe of witch hunters patrolled the colonial Virginia village where Melinda Warren was born in 1670. Unknown to the rest of the village, their commander, Ruth Cobb, was an evil witch herself. She was actually using the witch hunters to pick off the village's good witches. Among them was a hunter named Micah, who was aware of Ruth's evil and helped the Charmed Ones when they went to the past to rescue Melinda's pregnant mother, Charlotte Warren.

Agent Jackman[]

Agent Jackman

Agent Jackman

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Agent Jackman was a descendant of the colonial witch hunters. In 2002, he tricked the Charmed Ones into capturing Selena, the daughter of a witch. The girl herself wasn't a witch, but she had magical blood inside her. Although Jackman himself was mortal, he used amulets against witches' magic. He was killed by his own bullet, due to Cole Turner switching him and Phoebe around when he tried to shoot her.

Izax' Faction[]

Witch Hunters are featured in The War on Witches. A demon named Izax gathered the descendants of the Salem jurors in a group and scattered across the country to steal witches' powers using Books of Light made of warlock blood. Among the hunters were Jacob Perly and Emily Fisk-Navarro. They were eventually put to a stop.

Alternate 2009[]

In an alternate year of 2009, Phoebe took revenge on a baseball player, Cal Greene, who murdered her friend since the court deemed him innocent. By taking matters into her own hands, she exposed witches to the world and factions of witch hunters were formed to hunt them down. By going back to the past and changing their ways, and later saving Elise, they averted that future.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Ironically, using magic to catch witches, some hunters themselves become practitioners they hate.


Witch Hunters appeared in 2 episodes and 1 e-book novel throughout the course of the series.