Witch Doctors are the watchdogs of evil and considered agents of good. They take great pride in their work of expelling evil spirits, made up usually by residual energy left from vanquished demons and other dead beings.

Although considered good, they will stop other good beings if they think it will pose danger to the greater good. For this reason, Whitelighters discourage their charges from co-operating with them.


Working with Paige[]

Paige mentioned working with some of them after she was followed home to the manor by a Borneo Demon. When Piper blew up the demon, Paige said she could not wait to report back to the witch doctors about these demons not being impervious to magical powers.[1]

Hexing the Charmed Ones[]

In 2003, the Charmed Ones found out the manor was overrun with the residual energy of all the demons they vanquished. Unable to get rid of it, they summoned a witch doctor. He managed to expel the spirits, but he suspected that all the evil the sisters attracted would eventually overwhelm the good in them.

For this reason, he and his colleagues decided that the Charmed Ones had to be eliminated. He gathered a few of their personal effects and a picture of all three of them, which he used to put a hex on the sisters that would cause their obsessions to consume and hopefully destroy them. As part of the hex, Piper became obsessed with cleaning, Paige became obsessed with Glen, who was about to get married, and Phoebe became obsessed with her rivalry with the sexist male advice columnist, Spencer Ricks.

When Piper and Paige overcame their hexes after realizing their obsessions had hurt others, they confronted the Witch Doctors. They explained that while they might not be perfect, getting rid of them would cause more problems than solutions. They then threatened to vanquish the Witch Doctors if they did not reverse the hex on Phoebe, which they did.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]


Several objects of the Charmed Ones ready to curse them with.

Basic Powers
Active Powers
  • Fading: An energy-based form of teleportation.
  • Cursing: The ability to place curses on other beings. Witch Doctors are adept that placing curses on individuals, causing misfortune of affecting their behavior and inhibitions.
  • Apportation: The ability to transport objects from one location to another.
  • Sensing: The ability to locate other beings.
Powers via Talismans

Book of Shadows[]

WitchDoctorEntry 1
WitchDoctorEntry 2
The Witch Doctor
Little is known of Witch Doctors except for their dedication to expel evil spirits from demonic footholds.
Using strange unknown magic rituals, Witch
Doctors feel their outsider status as watchdogs
of evil gives them the freedom to attack evil in
all its shifting guises.
They may be summoned via the following spell:
Combine Liverwort, Pinch of Dragon
Root and Snakeskin over Chant:
Free us from the ties that bind
Of evil magic entertwined
We call upon the one who cures
He who's to the Dark inured


Notes and Trivia[]


Witch Doctors have appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.