Paige: "Do you guys think it's weird that the Aurora Borealis is happening the night before the Wiccan Festival of Lights?"
Piper: "I've been so busy planning for the baby, I forgot tomorrow is a Sabbat."
— The sisters discussing the festival.[src]

The Wiccan Festival of Lights, also known as the Imbolc, is a Wiccan Sabbat that celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Wyatt Halliwell was born on this day in 2003.[1]


In 2003, an Aurora Borealis occured the day before the festival. The following day, magic disappeared and according to Phoebe, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn were all in Gemini, which happened only every three hundred years. It was later revealed by the wizard Merrill that all these signs were part of a prophecy predicting the arrival of the Twice-Blessed Child. When Wyatt was born, magic was returned to the world.


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