"God, you're beautiful, Jo."
—Whit to Paige.[src]

Whit was a mortal, who had a brief relationship with Paige Matthews while she was living under the alias of Jo Bennett. He worked for Homes for Humanity.


Paige had a fling with Whit while she and her sisters had faked their deaths and had taken new identities. They met on a speed-dating session orchestrated by Piper held at P3. After many failed conversations with multiple guys Paige grew fatigued with it. When Whit spoke to her, however, she immediately perked up with him as they were instantly attracted to each other. Later that night, Paige made out with him in the back room of P3. However, when Whit told her that she was beautiful, Paige realized he only saw her as Jo and ran off.


Whit appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.