Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul? is the 5th issue of the Charmed comics: Season 10 and was published by Zenescope Entertainment.


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After the devastating events of last issue, the Charmed Ones' lives are changed forever. Left to pick up the pieces, the survivors must bring the Ancient Athame to Prue... but to what end? Cole makes a decision.





Magical Notes


Phoebe casting the last part of the spell.

Depowering Spell

He who bears the ancient blade
We bid his stolen power fade
Return to ash, and magic drain
From this lesser demon's veins
The Power of Three releases thee
The Power of Three will set you free.

Powers Used


  • Shillelagh: A magical artifact used by Valen as a conduit.
  • Ancient Athame: A legendary athame capable of erasing souls from existence.

Notes and Trivia


Belthazor in the void.

  • The title and full cover of this issue was deliberately kept hidden until the previous issue was released, in order to avoid spoiling the ending.
  • This issue takes place immediately after the last one.
  • Talking about this issue's title Pat said: Something I wanted to do was have a title that pays homage to other comic books. When Alan Moore wrote the “final” Superman story, it was called “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” and when Neil Gaiman did the same for Batman, it was “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” Both of those stories are incredibly important to me and both of them reduced me to a blubbering pile of emotion. I hope this story can do either or both of those to someone.
  • This issue marks the death of Cole Turner. Due to Cole being stabbed with the Ancient Athame, his soul was permanently erased from existence.
  • This issue marks the return of Belthazor, the demonic alias of Cole Turner. It is revealed that a fragment of him resided in the void, though he was erased along with Cole.
  • Valen is vanquished in this issue when his shillelagh is destroyed, causing the power of the Ancient Athame to overwhelm him.
  • When Cole is in the void, several memory shards are seen;
  • Prue's magical tattoos reveal two cryptic warnings in this issue.



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