The wedding of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt was a Handfasting ceremony presided over and performed by High Priestess Penny Halliwell and attended by Prue, Phoebe and Patty Halliwell, Darryl Morris, Cole Turner and Victor Bennett.

It took three tries before the couple could finally get married. The Elders orbed Leo away the first time after being tipped off by the Triad.[1] They had adamantly opposed the marriage at first, fearing that allowing a Whitelighter to marry a Charmed One would irreparably damage the Grand Design.

Prue's astral-self took over and gatecrashed the second attempt.[2] However, things were finally patched together, and they said their vows at the stroke of midnight.

The Vows

Leo's vow
Piper, throughout the tears and struggles I always knew it in my heart that we're gonna make it here. I promise to love and respect you from this point forward as your husband. As my wife. My lover. My friend. And my soulmate. All I am is yours.
Piper's vow
Leo, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was afraid that you were too good to be true. That maybe I didn't deserve someone so pure and beautiful and loving as you are. But here we are, surrounded by the people that I love the most. And I feel so proud and so blessed to be your wife. Leo, I was born to love you. And I always will.
Handfasting Spell
"Heart to thee,
Body to thee,
Always and forever,
So mote it be."