Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner's Wedding was planned by the sisters who had hoped for a demon-free day. Cole, meanwhile, had been completely taken over by the Source of All Evil. However, the Seer tells him that he could lose everything if he marries Phoebe in a holy, white wedding and that he'll never be crowned. However, the Source totally incapable of eliminate Cole's love for Phoebe is determined to have her as his bride.

The Seer then tells him she has foreseen them having a powerful, magical son. The child will be born as a powerful good witch if Cole and Phoebe are married in a white wedding. If a dark priest performs the ceremony at night in a cemetery and Cole is somehow able to drink Phoebe's blood, the child will be pure demon. Cole the decided to sabotage then wedding and trick Phoebe into a dark wedding.

After mishaps and a demon attack, the white wedding is called off by a frustrated Phoebe.

Phoebe and Cole's Dark Wedding[]

While they were burying the demon, Cole and Phoebe discovers a chapel in the cemetery, and Cole convinces everyone to have the ceremony there. Unbeknownst to everyone but Cole, the Priest in the chapel was actually a Dark Priest, hired by the Seer, and had been laying in wait to conduct the ceremony. Cole was able to subtlely drink Phoebe's blood during the process when she places a rose on his vest and it pricks her. This wedding made sure that not only would their child be pure demon, but that Phoebe would be easier to influence into turning evil as well.


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