Phoebe: "Okay, I can't break free. Can you orb?"
Paige: "No, I tried."
Phoebe and Paige while trapped in webbing.[src]

Web Projection is the power to project webbing from one's hands and create spiderwebs. This webbing is powerful enough to trap and contain adult humans and prevent its victims from teleporting.


This ability can be used as a way to trap its victims in an indestructible cocoon to preserve them until the user feeds on them. In addition, it can also be used to immobilize their targets and close a doorway by filling it completely with indestructible spiderwebs. Anyone who was captured in it is also powerless. It can, however, be undone with Luck Granting.

If someone is trapped inside a cocoon created by this power, the cocoon will be completely indestructible that neither offensive powers, spells or weapons can penetrate it. It also acts as a force field that zaps anyone who tries to touch it, except for spider demons. The people trapped inside will be rendered unconscious and therefore defenseless unless the web was removed. The only way to free the victims from their entrapment is by vanquishing the demon who created the web.

Additionally, a Spider Demon could use a voice echo by creating a web and projecting her voice through it.

List of beings who use(d) Web Projection[]

Original power
Through spell, potion, power granting, etc.


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