Piper: "You'll never greet your husband at the door with: "Honey, I think I froze the kids.""
Prue: "No, I've just accidentally moved them to another zip code."
Phoebe: "But I will see them, find them, and bring them back safely. If I can ever learn to control my powers."
— The sisters, talking about their Warren Powers[src]

The term "Warren Powers" describes the three traditional Warren powers and the advancements that may grow out of the original powers. The Warren line began with Melinda Warren who possessed the three active powers of the Charmed Ones (telekinesis, molecular immobilization, and premonition).

Paige Matthews was supposed to inherit the gift of telekinesis after Prue's death, but her Whitelighter side caused it to manifest as telekinetic orbing instead. Telekinesis combined with her Whitelighter side to produce a power no one had ever seen before. Had she not inherited the power of telekinesis, telekinetic orbing could not have manifested either.

Image Power Users
TelekinesisPrueHand Telekinesis Melinda Warren, Brianna, Penny Halliwell, Prue Halliwell, Wyatt Halliwell, and Chris Halliwell
1348 Molecular Immobilization Melinda Warren, Patty Halliwell, and Piper Halliwell 
1x20-PhoebeCallPremonition Premonition Melinda Warren and Phoebe Halliwell
Past11 Molecular Deceleration P. Baxter and Kat Mitchell
PiperBlowUpClock Molecular Combustion Piper Halliwell
01s5 Molecular Acceleration Piper Halliwell and Tamora Mitchell
AmazingPheebs Divination P. Russell
Astralecho9.4 Astral Premonition Phoebe Halliwell
Past8 Other powers used by Warren witches Cryokinesis, Astral Projection, Levitation, Empathy, Pyrokinesis and Projection.
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