Walter Nance was a district attorney in San Francisco with a fear of growing old. He dated a model named Maya Holmes, but she left him for a younger photographer. Driven by vengeance, he killed the photographer and framed Maya, who became a fugitive.


After being mistaken for Maya due to her new alias, Piper Halliwell was arrested and met Walter in jail. While talking to him, she realized Maya was innocent and Walter had killed the photographer instead.

Walter arranged to have Maya released into his custody shortly after Paige and Phoebe switched Piper with the real Maya. Walter then attempted to kill Maya by throwing her off his balcony, so it would seem like a suicide. However, the sisters arrived in time to save her.


Elderly Nance.

The sisters realized they needed Walter to confess and Billie came up with a plan. She pretended to be his manicurist and taunted him about his age. She threw him across the room and Walter then saw himself severely aged in the mirror. The sisters and Billie all glamoured into Maya and drove him to the balcony, where the real Maya pushed him off. Piper then froze Walter before he hit the ground and coerced him into confessing, clearing Maya of all charges. He and his accomplices were all arrested for this.


Walter Nance appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.