"I figured the Source incarcerated you for a reason, because you're too dangerous."
—The Vulture Demon standing up to Zankou.[src]

Vulture Demons are low-level demons that seek out the corpses of other demons to feed on. They have completely black eyes, long dry hair and wear filthy rags. They are presumably among the lowest ranks of demons in the Underworld.



When Wyatt escaped from Gideon and Barbas in the Underworld, he encountered a pair of Vulture Demons. They were feeding off a mutilated corpse and hungrily stared at him, though Wyatt easily vanquished them by setting them on fire.[1]


Another Vulture Demon was among a group of demons who wanted the second Seer killed when she tried to betray their kind and become mortal. When a Thrull Demon suggested releasing Zankou, the Vulture Demon and a Swarm King were against it. After the Swarm King was vanquished, the Vulture Demon, a Shapeshifter, and another demon had an evil wizard release Zankou. Zankou could tell one of the demons did not want him to be released, and the Vulture Demon told him that she was the one and why. Instead of punishing her, Zankou said he liked an honest demon.[2]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Their name is an obvious reference to real-life vultures, as both are scavengers that feed off found carcasses.
  • The original script of "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2" included two lines for these demons, though they were probably cut because of the time-limit.
    • These lines were not cut in the combined episode version.
  • Jason & Kristopher Simmons shot their scenes in front of a green screen, as the demons looked too scary.
  • The Vulture Demon in "Witchness Protection" did not have black eyes. She also appeared more civilized than the first pair. It is possible that she was merely credited as a Vulture Demon and was meant to be a generic demon.
    • A Swarm King in this episode is also vastly different than earlier appearances.


Vulture Demons appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.