Votum Sanguinis is a spell in the Grimoire. It is a part of the ritual that coronates the new Source of All Evil with the full powers of the Underworld. The spell must be performed by a Dark Priest while the new Source lays his hands on the Grimoire.


In 2002, Cole Turner was coronated as the new Source of All Evil with Phoebe Halliwell at his side as his queen. The ceremony was witnessed by the Council to recognize his power and position as leader of the Underworld.[1]



Votum Sanguinis[]

His verbis invocamus
potentias tremendas
fontis ipsius
In hac hora descendat malum
Et coronam imponat
super virum electum.


Blood Oath[]
These words call upon
the tremendous powers
of the Source
Within this hour, evil descends.
And when he crowns himself
he will be their chosen master.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The coronation words and procedure in "Womb Raider" was different from this one.

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