Vortex Creation is the extremely powerful ability to create openings to other dimensions, planes, worlds, etc. It is similar to Portal Creation, however vortexes act as gravitational vacuums that can pull people in against their will. Beings with this power are immune to the pull of their own vortex.

Vortex Minions, as the name suggests, have the ability to create vortexes to suck their victims, mostly witches, into Purgatory. However, in rare cases, these vortexes can suck them into worlds fashioned according to the desires, wishes and dreams of the victim.


On All Hallow's Eve, the Elders opened a time portal that pulled the Charmed Ones in and sent them back to 1670 to save Melinda Warren. After their task was done, the vortex reappeared and sent them back to their own time.[1]

In 2002, the Seer created such a portal in a closet at Cole Turner's Penthouse, knowing Phoebe would be there and planted the portal as a trap to take her to the Underworld. Darryl Morris was able to grab her in the nick of time and keep her halfway through the portal. The Seer tried to pull her through, but Phoebe grabbed her earing, pulling off part of her ear. The Seer let go while screaming in pain, allowing Darryl, Piper, and Paige to pull her back.[2]

"You should be aware that these vortexes suck their victims into pocket realms of alternate realities."
—Chris to the sisters.[src]

In 2003, Gith, a Vortex Minion, used this power to try and suck the Charmed Ones into worlds he created. He failed to do this, and again on Chris Halliwell. However, after he found out each sister's desire, he was able to use another form of this ability to automatically open one without them knowing it.[3]

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