Volume Three is the third volume in the Charmed comics series. It was released on April 11th 2012.


"In this night and in this hour…"

The years have passed quickly for the Charmed Ones since they learned of their magical heritage. In only one decade, they have experienced so much love and loss, joy and sorrow, failure and success. But time marches on and new challenges will be met as Phoebe is haunted by her past, Piper must deal with the present, and Paige is forced to cope with the future. But none of those events will prepare them to face the truth behind a family secret that could change everything for the Warren line!

Included Issues[]


  • The photo cover for Oh, Henry is used as the cover for volume 3.
  • Continuing the pattern of following the DVD set colour schemes, Volume Three is light blue to match the Season 3 DVD art work.