Volume Four is the fourth volume in the Charmed comics series. This is the final trade paperback release for the ninth season. It was released on November 7th 2012.


"We call upon the ancient power…"

It's been six months since the Charmed Ones reunited with their lost sister, and the world looks nothing like it did before. The magical community is powerless while everyday humans can suddenly control magic. Earth is cut off from the Heavens and the Underworld. And the Power of Three has completely abandoned Piper, Phoebe, and Paige.

What began as a weird magical glitch has quickly developed into a full-on crisis. The formerly powerless humans of the world are letting their new gifts go out of control. The government is tracking down former magic users to find out what they know about this odd turn of events. Even worse, the Charmed Ones can't do a thing about it since the one person that could help them has disappeared from their lives once again.

Included Issues[]


  • Volume Four's color scheme is a deep plum color. It is much darker than the Season 4 DVD cover art, however it still follows the general color palette.
  • With only 5 chapters and no bonus stories, volume 4 is one of the shortest trade paperback so far, the others being volumes 3 and 4 of season 10.