Vicus's Collective was a large group of witches who were corrupted by the demon Vicus at a young age. Vicus would visit them as children and gain their trust in order to eventually turn them evil by cursing a personal item.[1]

By 2005, Vicus had gathered a large collective and his second-in-command appeared to be a witch named Hugo.[2] However, Vicus and the entire collective were vanquished after a failed attempt to add Wyatt Halliwell to their ranks.


Vicus sent the collective to distract the Charmed Ones with repeated attacks while he personally went after Wyatt. The sisters at first believed that Wyatt was conjuring the attackers due to their powers being associated with white magic.

When Piper accidentally conjured a future version of Wyatt, Vicus sent a few members of the collective to attack them and Wyatt vanquished them all, including Hugo. Meanwhile, Vicus finally gained young Wyatt's trust, turning him and his future self evil.

When Paige and Phoebe arrived at Vicus's lair, Wyatt disrupted his invisibility so they could vanquish him. Before leaving, Wyatt summoned the rest of the collective and allowed them a chance at revenge. The sisters were eventually able to escape and Leo managed to reverse the curse on young Wyatt by gaining his trust.



The Collective appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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  1. Presumably, as he used this tactic on Wyatt Halliwell.
  2. Hugo was also the only named member.