Victor Bennett's Apartment is an apartment in San Francisco that Victor Bennett acquired at some point in 2001 after he accepted a new job.[1] While his job still required him to travel often, he told his daughters that he would be based in the city. Around 2005, Victor often began babysitting his grandsons Wyatt and Chris when the sisters were fighting evil.[2]

Notable Events[]

  • The Charmed Ones said their goodbyes to Victor, Wyatt and Chris before confronting Zankou at the manor.[3]
  • The sisters warned Paul Haas not to go after Victor again by having Piper glamour as Wyatt and defeat him and his demons.[4]
  • Chris first used Telekinetic Orbing during a game.[5]
  • A distraught Piper informed Victor that Phoebe and Paige died during the Ultimate Battle. A time-displaced Patty later visited Victor with her grandsons and learned some shocking revelations about her future.[6]
  • In 2010, Prue stormed into the apartment by blowing apart the windows and attacking Victor.[7]