Vephar is a demon who conspires with Djall to take over the world by possessing human bodies. Vephar's essence was transferred into the body of a woman named Gillian.


After possessing Gillian's body, Vephar kept up pretenses, but had to constantly be reminded by Djall to be patient. The other demons became more and more restless as time passed, but eventually began following through the plan.

While the Charmed Ones destroyed a painting at the Eisenberg Gallery during an exhibit, Vephar was more than eager to strike, but Djall convinced him to wait a while longer. In the end, he was banished back to the Underworld along with all demons who possessed innocents.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Fireballs: The ability to generate spheres of fire.


Vephar appeared in a total of 3 comic issues throughout the franchise.