The Valley of Ages is a magical location made impassable for humans due to high mountains and magical wards. The valley was a place where ancient battles and family feuds commenced. One memorable battle was the one between the Sol'agath and the Dor'chacht. When the Sol'agath gained the upper hand, the Dor'chacht's chief sorcerer, Shen'arch, cancelled the battle's outcome by placing his three strongest warriors' souls to slumber while hiding their powers in artifacts to keep the Powers-that-be from finding them. The rest of the Dor'chacht clan was suspended in time and space, where they hid for over three thousand years.[1]

In 2002, the reincarnated warriors challenged the Charmed Ones to the battle which would decide the fate of Sol'agath and Dor'chacht witches. The Charmed Ones were severely weakened by the cunning warriors, but they were able to come out victorious in the end.