"Okay, Piper, I know why you'd rather be one of them. It's because you don't wanna feel pain. But you have to feel the pain because if you can't feel the pain, then you can't feel the good stuff either, you know? Right?"
Phoebe to Piper

Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 2 is the second part of the season 6 premiere and the 113th overall episode of Charmed.


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Paige tries to cure Piper's memory loss, but her spell goes amiss and Piper suffers total amnesia. Needing Leo's help, Phoebe and Paige discover that he is being help captive by warrior-maidens on the Island of Valhalla, an island of beautiful but lethal warrior-maidens. In an effort to save him, The Charmed Ones disguise themselves as Valkyries and orb into the Island of Valhalla.


Main Cast[]

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Magical Notes[]



Oscar becomes human again.

To Reverse the Animal Curse[]

Paige casts this spell to turn Oscar, the dog, back into his human form. As a dog, he could still speak and told Paige a witch had cursed him.

I call upon the Halliwells,
I call our powers to undo this spell.
Make right again, that we must,
Reverse the curse that made this mutt.

To Reverse the Memory Spell[]


Paige casting the spell.

Paige casts this spell in an attempt to reverse the Memory Spell she cast earlier on Piper, but it didn't work.

Spell was cast,
Now make it pass.
Remove it now,
Don't ask me how.

Piper's emotions leaving Phoebe.

Empathy Spell []

To turn her into a Witch again, Phoebe and Paige realized Piper had to face her emotions again, especially those towards Leo. They figured out that Phoebe's new power was the key. They went to Valhalla, where Phoebe used her new power to feel Piper's true emotions. Paige then casts this spell, which released Piper's emotions from Phoebe and let Piper feel them herself.

Open Piper's heart to reveal
That part which only Phoebe feels.
Send it back from whence it came,
But don't protect her from the pain.


  • Portal Creation: Type of Teleportation used by Paige as a Valkryie (she opened the portal in the previous episode) and the other Valkyries.
  • Orbing: Type of Teleportation used by Paige, Leo and Chris.
  • Super Strength: Used by the Warriors to throw Darryl across an ally and in battle with the Valkyries.
  • Sensing: Used by the Warriors to sense the widespread evil in San Francisco and by Mist to sense if Piper really was a Valkyrie.
  • Empathy: Used by Phoebe to feel Chris, Leo, Jason and Piper's emotions. She also used it to withstand Piper's telekinetic attacks and to copy that power to attack Piper.
  • Healing: Used by Leo to heal Darryl.
  • Apportation: Used by Freyja to apport a knife to her.
  • Telekinesis: Used by Kára to attack a biker and by Piper to get a hub cap to defend herself and to attack Paige and Phoebe. After copying her power, Phoebe used it to fling Piper.
  • Channeling (through Empathy): Used by Phoebe to channel Piper's powers.
  • Power Replication (through Empathy): Used by Phoebe to temporarily copy Piper's Telekinesis.
  • Enhanced Agility: Used by the Valkyries and Warriors in battle.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper to freeze a knife before it could hit Darryl.


  • Book of Shadows - The Halliwell Family's magical tome. In addition to spells and potion recipes, the Book of Shadows contains information on warlocks, demons, and other supernatural beings. It was created by their ancestor, Melinda Warren, and was passed down every generation.

Notes and Trivia[]

Cultural References[]

  • "Xena, the Warrior Princess" is mentioned again. When Piper and the other Valkyries come into the real world, one of the motorcycle riders says, "What, is there a Xena convention in town or something?".
  • When the Valkyries and Piper ride off on the motorcycles, the accompanying music is Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, often associated with the film Apocalypse Now.

Continuity Errors[]

  • Before the opening credits, Phoebe, Paige and Leo orb with Leo's orbs (and sound). But after the opening, when they arrive in the manor, they orb with Paige's orbs (and sound).
  • When Jason is escorting Phoebe into his office, her left arm is down by her side in the rear view. When the shot changes to the front view, her left arm is across her stomach.
  • When the Valkyries arrive at the auto body shop to stop the warriors you can clearly see that Holly Marie Combs' stunt double is on the motorcycle. When they pan the shot around Holly is visible on the motorcycle.
  • Darryl's position in the alley is different from the previous episode and changes between scenes.


Screen Caps[]

International Titles[]

  • French: L'âme des guerrières - 2ème partie (The Soul of the Warriors - 2nd Part)
  • Finnish: Vieraana Valhallassa, osa 2 (Visiting Valhalla, Part 2)
  • Czech: Valkýry z Valhally - 2. část (Valkyries from Valhalla - Part 2)
  • Slovak: Údolie bábik, 2. časť (Valley of the Dolls, Part 2)
  • Hungarian: Valkűrök 2. rész (Valkyries Part 2)
  • Russian: Куколки из Валльхаллы, Часть 2 [Kukolki iz Vall'hally, Čast′ 2] (Dolls from Vallhalla, 2nd Part)
  • Spanish (Spain): El Paraíso de las Muñecas Parte 2 (The Paradise of the Dolls Part 2)
  • Spanish (Latin America): El valle de las Muñecas Parte 2 (The Valley of the Dolls Part 2)
  • Serbian: Valhala za lutke, drugi deo (Vallhalla For Dolls, Second Part)
  • Italian: L'isola delle guerriere (parte 2) (The Island of the Warrior (Part 2))
  • German: Im Bann der Walküren Teil 2 (Under the Spell of the Valkyries Part 2)
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