"Utopia. A world where good and evil no longer exist. Where the battle is behind you, behind everyone."
Alpha to Leo.[src]

Utopia is a perfect world. The Avatars seek to create their own version of Utopia, which they see as a world beyond good and evil and thus, without conflict. However, in order for this world to be maintained, free will would be eliminated. Whoever creates conflict is erased from existence by the Avatars and adults are no longer able to feel loss and grief, believing that whenever someone dies, they move on to a better place.

This world is created with the Utopia Spell, which temporarily puts the world to sleep while the duality of good and evil is erased from everyone's minds.


The Avatars attempted to create Utopia during the time of Ancient Egypt. Realizing the price of their perfect world, a mage named Anubis led a revolt against them and created a vanquishing potion.[1]

In 2004, the Avatars attempted to create Utopia once more and convinced Leo Wyatt to join their cause.[2] Seeking demon-free lives, the Charmed Ones agreed to create Utopia, though they were opposed by Kyle Brody and the demon Zankou. Despite their efforts, Utopia was created and the sisters were also influenced to accept it.[3] When Leo realized the price of Utopia, he sacrificed himself so Phoebe would realize something was wrong. After all the sisters came to their senses, they worked with Zankou and confronted the Avatars, leading them to reverse time to right before Utopia was created and retreat.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • If Cole Turner had become an Avatar with the honest intention of joining the Avatars rather than creating his alternate reality in "Centennial Charmed", Utopia could have possibly been created sooner, at least if the Charmed Ones had been willing to cooperate.