The Charmed Ones

Phoebe: "What do you mean upper level?"
Leo: "There's a hierarchy of demons. They try to work their way up by destroying good, promoting evil."
Phoebe and Leo discuss power levels.[src]

Upper-Level (or high-level) is a term used to classify powerful magical beings, such as witches, warlocks and demons. Generally, upper-level beings possess exceptionally strong powers and a high resistance to harm, making it difficult or even impossible to vanquish them.

Upper-Level Demons

Upper-level demons rank higher in the Demonic Hierarchy and can rise in power by destroying good and promoting evil. Specifically, the members of the Ordo Malorum are referred to as generals of the demonic legions.[1]

Demons can achieve an upper-level rank by collecting more powers. The demon Zahn achieved this by collecting powers through soul trading.[2]

According to Cole Turner, upper-level demons have a human form and bleed red, while some lower-level demons bleed green.[3]

In most cases, upper-level demons require a specific spell or potion to be vanquished, while some can only be vanquished by a force like the Power of Three.

Examples of Upper-Level Beings



Billie Jenkins


Triad energy

The Triad


Matthew Tate

Matthew Tate



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