Charmedlogo 01

The Trihorn used in the first Charmed logo.

The Trihorn is a symbol part of the Charmed-logo used during season 1 through 3, though it was still used for the Charmed Magazine, DVD, comic books, novels, and merchandise. The symbol has the appearance of a rose which consists out of three parts, each resembling one of the Charmed Ones.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Trihorn itself was never seen on the show or in the comics. It was made solely for promotional purposes, as opposed to the triquetra which is frequently used in the show.
  • The Trihorn is often colored red, while the rest of the logo remains white or black.
  • The logo has a few variations, each with a different sized Trihorn.
    • One huge Trihorn and overlaps the letter 'd' in Charmed.
    • One smaller Trihorn, which fits neatly in the whitespace between the capital 'C' and 'd'.
    • One with the smaller Trihorn, but thicker.


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