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Written by: Michael Gleason

Season 4, Episode 11

Episode No. 77

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Piper and Paige are there making breakfast. Phoebe rushes in.]

Phoebe: Okay, move it or lose it, people, coming through.

(Phoebe takes Paige's coffee cup from her.)

Paige: Hey, I was using that.

(Phoebe pours some coffee in the cup.)

Phoebe: Yeah, well, I'm late and I need caffeine, so sue me.

Piper: Two weeks of jury duty and suddenly she's lawyery.

Phoebe: Now, normally I would have a witty come back for that but I am too tired.

Paige: I'd be tired too if I had to decide whether or not someone lived or died. What's your decision?

Phoebe: Paige, you know I can't talk about the case. Besides, that's not why I can't sleep. I can't sleep because I miss Cole too much. If he doesn't come home soon, I'm gonna turn into a vampire.

Paige: Jokes like that in this house, not so funny.

Piper: Not so funny. So when do you think he's gonna come back?

Phoebe: Who knows? He said he needed some time to find himself and figure out who he was without his demon side.

Paige: What does that mean? He's off banging on drums in the woods somewhere?

Phoebe: God, I hope not. (She looks at her watch.) Ugh, gotta go. (She leaves the kitchen.)

Piper: Wait! (Piper and Paige follow her out.) Who's testifying today?

Phoebe: Nobody, it's closing argument.

Piper: Already? That was fast.

Phoebe: Oh, no, not you too.

Piper: Oh, Phoebe, it's only natural to be curious.

Phoebe: Forget it.

Paige: Listen, nobody keeps secrets better than us. We are the mistresses of secrets.

Piper: Well...

Phoebe: Well, let's just say it would be my supreme pleasure to send that murdering bastard straight to hell. By legal means, not magical.

(Phoebe heads for the front door.)

Piper: You might be the first person who enjoys jury duty.

Phoebe: You know what it is? It's just, it might be nice for a change to get some kudos from vanquishing the bad guy. I mean punishing... you know what I mean. (She grabs her bag and opens the door.) Okay.

(Glen walks onto the porch.)

Glen: Hey.

Phoebe: Hi.

Glen: Is Paige home?

Phoebe: Yeah, she is, but I'm not. Bye!

(She leaves. Glen walks inside. Paige rushes over and hugs him.)

Paige: It's so good to see you. What are you doing here?

Glen: I'm done with Australia finally and I'm actually thinking about Nepal, and I just wanted to drop by and see how you were doing.

Paige: It's so great to see you. (Piper clears her throat.) Oh, that's my sister, Piper.

Glen: Of course, of course.

Piper: Hi. (She shakes his hand.)

Glen: I still can't believe you've got sisters.

Piper: Yeah, it takes some getting used to.

Paige: So where you staying?

Glen: I don't know actually.

Paige: Good, you'll stay here.

Piper: What?

Paige: Yeah, first door up, top of the stairs.

Glen: Are you sure that's alright?

Paige: Yeah, don't be ridiculous. (He heads for the stairs.) I'll be right up.

Glen: Great, thank you.

(He walks up the stairs.)

Piper: Paige.

Paige: What?

Piper: I don't think it's a good idea if your boyfriend stays here.

Paige: He's not my boyfriend. Sometimes he's my boyfriend, but mostly he's just my really good friend.

Piper: Uh, well, we usually don't have houseguests because of all the obvious reasons.

Paige: You can trust Glen. He's been my friend since, god, kindergarten.

Piper: You haven't been a witch since kindergarten. I don't think you understand.

Paige: I understand that I also pay rent here.

Piper: There is no rent.

Paige: It's an expression.

Piper: No it's not.

Paige: Well, it should be. Hm. (She heads for the stairs.)

[Scene: Court room. A female lawyer is doing her closing argument. Phoebe is sitting with the jury.]

Lawyer: There is no excuse, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defendant has no alibi, no credible explanation for how he was able to lead the police directly to his ex-wife's body. Other than his, how did he describe it... psychic vision? No, premonition, that's it. That was his alibi. That's what Mr. Provazolli expects you to believe. To counter the overwhelming evidence against him, including with the court's permission, (she picks up a dagger) people's 17, the murder weapon. One that he had admitted to using in his own magic show. And then he used it to rob Angela Provazolli of her life. (She hands the dagger to the jury. They pass it along.) Return the verdict, you know you must. Murder in the first degree.

(Phoebe takes the dagger and has a premonition of the real murderer killing Angela. He has a tattoo on his arm. The premonition ends and Phoebe drops the dagger.)

Judge: Are you alright, ma'am? Ma'am, are you alright?

(Phoebe looks over at Mr. Provazolli. He lifts his arm and Phoebe sees he has no tattoo.

Opening Credits

[Scene: Court building. The jury walk into a room and sit down at the table.]

Man: Hey, hey, I just got a premonition. We'll be outta here in time for lunch. (laughs)

Man #2: Uh, okay, uh, well, I think the proper procedure is, uh, that first we review the evidence.

Man: Well, we heard the evidence, so let's just take a vote and get outta here.

Man #2: Still, as the foreman...

Man: All votes in favour of guilty? (He raises his hand. So does everyone else except Phoebe.) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven... (He spots Phoebe.) Come on, lady, what's it gonna be?

Phoebe: I have to go to the bathroom. (The jury sighs. Phoebe gets up and walks into the bathroom. She closes the door.) Leo. Leo!

(Leo orbs in.)

Leo: Phoebe, what?

Phoebe: Quick, orb me to the manor.

(They orb out.)

[Cut to the manor. Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo walk into the living room.]

Paige: I thought you said it was an open and shut case.

Phoebe: So did I. But the killer in my premonition was definitely not Stan Provazolli. (They sit down.) Okay, now, I didn't see his face but he had this tattoo on his arm like a medusa's head with snakes.

Paige: What are you gonna do?

Phoebe: Well, I'm gonna stall, while you guys try to get Darryl to get you in to see Stan. Describe the tattoo, maybe he knows the real killer. I don't know, he must not have seen him in his premonition otherwise...

Leo: Wait, he had a premonition?

Phoebe: Yeah, that's how he claims to have known where the body was.

Piper: And you of all people did not believe him.

Phoebe: Piper, he's just a club magician. I assumed that he was a fraud. Believe me, I feel horrible about this.

Piper: Alright, we'll fix it, somehow.

Paige: Do we hunt killers that aren't demons?

Phoebe: Well, I had that premonition for a reason. Just because the killer isn't supernatural...

(Piper makes a noise as Glen walks in.)

Leo: Hey, there, Glen!

Piper: What did you hear?

Glen: Excuse me?

Phoebe: She said what are you doing here?

Glen: Oh, I was just looking for the kitchen. Didn't you leave already?

Phoebe: Yeah, yeah, but now I'm back. But I better get going again before somebody wonders what happened to me.

(She stands up.)

Paige: I'll uh, just take Glen to the kitchen and show him where to make a sand-witch.

(Paige and Glen head for the kitchen.)

Phoebe: Is he staying here?

Piper: Mm-hmm.

Phoebe: I think you need to talk to her.

Piper: I did, and apparently I was the only one paying attention.

(Phoebe sighs.)

[Cut to the court building. Room. The man bangs on the door to the bathroom.]

Man: What the hell's going on in there? Open the damn door!

Woman: Maybe something's wrong. I'll call for the bailiff.

(The man continues to bang on the door. It swings open and Phoebe walks out.)

Phoebe: I am so sorry. It's... that time of the month.

Man: Ugh. Look, the rest of us finished voting, eleven guilty. What's it gonna be?

Phoebe: Well, before I cast my vote, I think we should all consider the possibility that the defendant might actually be a psychic.

Man: What? (The jury groans.)

Phoebe: And all he is guilty of having a special gift.

Woman: You're the foreman, make her vote.

Phoebe: Not until I review the evidence. (She grabs a pencil and paper.) Every single piece.

(The jury groans.)

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Paige and Glen are there. Glen's sitting at the table. Paige brings him a sandwich.]

Glen: Thank you.

Paige: Sure. So I have to go to work, but if you want you can drop me off and then use my car.

Glen: Oh, no, I'm wiped. I'm just gonna hang here, it's cool.

Paige: Oh.

Glen: Paige, is everything okay? What was going on in there?

Paige: Oh, that? That was just a family meeting, you know, deciding who's gonna take out the trash or whose turn it is to clean the bathroom, we take it all very seriously here.

Glen: I heard words like 'killer', 'supernatural'. It doesn't really sound like housework to me. We never really could lie to each other very well.

Paige: Well, maybe that's why we didn't make it as a couple.

Glen: I've been worried about you, since the last time I saw you. Just before you moved in here. And the vibe I've been getting since I got here, doesn't make me worry any less.

Paige: Everything is fine, Glen, just fine. Things are just different now.

Glen: You got sisters to talk to and I think that's great, I really do. But that doesn't mean we still can't be there for each other, does it? Talk to me, Paige, wh-what's going on?

(Piper and Leo walk in.)

Piper: Paige? Uh, Darryl got us that thing with the guy that Phoebe was talking about. Are you coming?

Paige: Yeah, I can't, I have to go to work.

Leo: Alright, well, keep your cell phone available. Just in case anything comes up.

(Paige nods. Paige and Piper leave the kitchen. Leo looks at Glen and laughs awkwardly.)

Leo: Excuse me.

(He leaves.)

[Cut to the foyer.]

Piper: Paige, you're leaving him here alone?

Paige: Well, he can't fit in my cubicle with me at work.

(She grabs her coat and heads for the door.)

Leo: Paige, keeping your secret has to be the most important thing.

Paige: I know, which is why I just lied to my best friend. It didn't feel good, Leo, but I did it.

Piper: That's not good enough. It's irresponsible to leave him here.

Paige: You told me when I became a witch I could still have a life. I call having a friend a life.

Piper: Yeah, but that doesn't mean...

(Glen walks in.)

Glen: Hey, hey... Oh, I'm interrupting again.

Piper: Yeah. Alright, we've gotta go, so be sure to lock up all the doors before you go.

(Piper and Leo leave the manor.)

Glen: Is she always that friendly?

Paige: Yeah, pretty much. I'll see you later.

(She leaves.)

[Scene: Prison. A room. Mr. Provazolli's lawyer, Piper and Leo enter the room.]

Lawyer: I still don't understand exactly who you people are.

Piper: Didn't Inspector Morris vouch for us?

Lawyer: Yes, but that doesn't...

Leo: Then all you need to know is that we might be able to save your client. Isn't that enough?

Lawyer: Look, the jury's deliberating. Nothing short of a miracle can help him now.

Piper: Precisely.

(A guard brings Mr. Provazolli into the room. He removes his handcuffs.)

Stan: Who are you?

Piper: We're people who believe you're innocent, so if you don't mind we'd like to ask you a few questions.

Leo: Was there anything in your premonition to indicate who the killer might be?

Lawyer: Yeah, alright, that's it. Out!

Piper: What? Why?

Lawyer: Because we're not hanging anymore of this case on that so called vision of his. Unless you want him to plead insanity.

Stan: No, wait, wait! You actually believe me? On having had a premonition.

Piper: Yes, we do. That's why we need to know exactly what you saw, if we have any chance of saving you.

Stan: I don't need a premonition to know who killed Angie. It's Wike. Andrew Wike. He owns a magic club where I performed.

Leo: Why do you think he killed her?

Stan: Angie kept the books of the club. Even after we got divorced. She found out that Wike was using the club to launder dirty money. And when he found out that she told me about it. Well, he killed her with one of my knives to frame me. And I go and help him by telling the police where the body was.

Piper: Do you know if Wike has a tattoo of a medusa head on his arm?

Stan: I don't know.

Piper: Well, lets hope he does. Thank you. (Piper and Leo leave the room.) Look out, Nancy Drew coming through.

[Scene: Magic club. It's closed. Piper and Leo walk in.]

Leo: Maybe we should come back at night when they're open.

Piper: I don't think we have that kind of time. Wow, how does this place stay in business?

(A rat runs across the floor. Piper screams and freezes it.)

Leo: Demons you can handle but not rats? (He laughs. Piper unfreezes the rat. Wike storms in the room.)

Wike: Hey, hey, what are you doing in here? Who are you?

Piper: Uh, we're friends of Stan Provazolli's.

Wike: Good for you. We're closed.

Piper: Yeah, I see that, I was just hoping...

Wike: I said we're closed, now I don't wanna say it again. Leave.

(He points at the door and Piper and Leo see the tattoo on his arm.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Court building. Room. The jury's there, looking hot and restless.]

Phoebe: All I am saying is to reach a fair and just verdict, we have to analyse every aspect of this case.

Foreman: We've done that.

Tanya: Twice.

Phoebe: You know what? Maybe we should do it a third time. (Jurors groan.) Because it seems to me that you people care more about getting home for dinner than about the fact that the evidence against Stan Provazolli is entirely circumstantial.

Man: He led the police to the body! You heard the shrink say that's as good as a confession.

Phoebe: Unless it was a premonition.

Man: She's back to that again.

Phoebe: Is it so hard for you to believe that that's possible? That there are powers beyond what we can see?

Man: Ooooh, pffft.

Phoebe: Oooh! Okay, um, haven't any of you ever known who was calling before you answered the phone?

Woman: That's not magic.

Phoebe: Oh no? Then what is it? Look, just because you don't understand magic, doesn't mean that you have to be afraid of it. It's around us all the time, like a friend, guiding us, giving us inspiration, helping us fall in love. Giving our lives meaning. And I'm sorry but I think that we all need to believe that magic exists. Tanya, why are you wearing an angel pin?

Tanya: I don't know, just because my mother gave it to me.

Phoebe: But why did she give it to you?

Tanya: To watch over me.

Phoebe: That's magic. Something that you can't see, you can't quite put your finger on it, but you know it's there.

Man: The man killed a woman, period. End of story.

Foreman: All those in favour of another vote.

(They all raise their hands except Phoebe. Leo orbs in the bathroom. Phoebe sees the light under the door.)

Phoebe: Oops, nature calls.

(She heads for the door.)

Man: Oh, oh no you don't. No-no-no-no-no, not again. No way.

(She runs into the bathroom.)

Woman: She's stalling.

Man: We've gotta do something about this.

[Cut inside the bathroom.]

Piper: Hi.

Phoebe: Hi.

Piper: We found the real killer.

Leo: The owner of the magic club. A guy named Andrew Wike.

Phoebe: Can you prove it?

Piper: That's the next step.

Phoebe: Okay, well, you gotta hurry because I am dying in there.

Piper: It'd be so much easier if we could just vanquish him.

Leo: You can't do that but you might be able to use your magic.

Phoebe: Well, there's one guy I would love to turn into a warthog.

Leo: Not on the jury, on the killer. You and Paige could use your powers to scare him into confessing.

Piper: And show our powers to Wike? I do not think so.

Leo: Do you think anyone's gonna believe him if he says anything?

Phoebe: Not this jury. (The man bangs on the door.)

Man: Hey, come on!

Phoebe: Uh, sorry! Uh, can somebody find me a plunger?

Man: Oh, great.

(Piper looks in the toilet, confused.)

Phoebe: What? I've gotta buy some time somehow. And you gotta call Paige. Maybe there's a spell in the Book of Shadows we can use? Okay, go, go, go! (They orb out.) Okay. (She goes back in the room.)

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Glen is there reading the Book of Shadows.]

Paige: Piper, are you up here? What's the emergency? (She walks in.) Oh my god, Glen, what are you doing up here?

Glen: It's funny. See, after you left I was still hungry so I opened the fridge and I found some bags labelled pig's feet, rabbit blood, frog tongue. So I decided to take a little look around. Found more than what I bargained for.

Paige: Look, I can explain everything, okay, I really can. I'll just have to explain it later because if Piper finds us up here she's gonna freak.

Glen: Piper's gonna freak? I just found out your new sisters have you messing with the occult in a pretty serious way, and you're worried about how they're gonna freak?

Paige: Look, we're not messing around with the occult. We're witches. My sisters and I are born good witches, we do good magic.

Glen: This book is full of pictures of demons and warlocks.

Paige: Well, demons and warlocks that we fight and destroy.

Glen: These girls have you brainwashed. I mean, how do you even know that they're your sisters?

Paige: Glen, you've gotta trust me, please. I am not brainwashed, I am still the same old Paige only now if I make a rhyme magic happens.

Glen: Paige.

Paige: Look, you've been to Africa, you've met those witch doctors on your travels, right?

Glen: Yeah, but these guys are like a hundred years old and they speak in tongues, and you're you.

(She sits down beside him and turns the pages.)

Paige: There is a spell in here.

Glen: What?

Paige: To stretch the imagination. It should be able to help you understand and accept the truth about me.

Glen: So you're gonna cast a spell on me?

Paige: With your permission.

Glen: And when nothing happens...

Paige: When nothing happens you can drag me off to the funny farm, tell them I've been brainwashed. Believe me, I could use the vacation. (She finds the spell.) Ah, here it is. (She holds his hands.) "Let mind and body soar, to heights not reached before, let limits stretch, that you may catch, a new truth to explore."

Glen: I don't feel any different.

Paige: That's weird it always works.

Piper: (from outside) Paige, where are you?

Paige: God, we gotta hide you. Come on. (She walks away.)

Glen: No, wait. Whooaah!

(He holds out his arm and it stretches out to Paige.)

Paige: Uh... It's the spell. Just pull it back. (Glen pulls in his arm and it returns to normal length. Piper and Leo walk in.) Oh, I was giving Glen a tour of the house. Next stop the basement. Come on, Glen, why don't you get a head start.

(Glen leaves the attic.)

Piper: A tour of the attic? (She looks around and sees the Book out.) You showed him the book?

Paige: Well, he went into the fridge and saw the potion ingredients so understandably he started looking around and he found the book.

Leo: So you didn't lock the attic?

Paige: It didn't occur to me.

Piper: What do you mean? I told you to lock all the doors before you go.

Paige: Well, I thought you meant the front door. Maybe you should've been more specific.

Piper: Well, I was speaking in code.

Paige: Listen, I trust Glen.

Piper: Yeah, but you're trusting him with a secret that's all of ours, not just yours.

Leo: Honey, she didn't tell him about it, he discovered it.

Piper: Because she left him in the house, because she let him stay in the house in the first place.

Paige: Okay, so you're saying I have to choose between having any friends and being a witch.

Piper: Yes, I have.

Paige: Well, I won't.

Leo: Okay, we all need to put this on hold for a second, okay? Let's take a deep breath, let's calm down. We have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it with.

Paige: What do we have to do?

Leo: Piper will fill you in on the way. I need to check on Phoebe.

(He orbs out. Piper and Paige stare at each other.)

Paige: Hm.

[Scene: Court. The jury room.]

Phoebe: Actually, the origin of magic dates back to prehistoric times. People from all cultures believed-

Foreman: Let's vote now.

Phoebe: Wait.

Foreman: No, no, no, we vote. Okay, if we can't agree we declare a hung jury. All in favour of a guilty verdict.

(The jury raises their hands.)

Phoebe: Wait! There is magic in the world. There are angels. Tanya, you can tell your mother that she's right, they're real. And there are fairies. They're real too. I mean, just think back to your childhood before you were too jaded to believe in them. And-and-and Cupid. Not a myth. I mean, he doesn't actually use arrows but-but he's real too.

Foreman: Bailiff!

Phoebe: What are you doing?

Foreman: We don't have to declare a hung jury after all.

Man: We don't?

(The bailiff opens the door.)

Bailiff: Foreman?

Foreman: Tell the judge that we have a juror who's um... not quite right. We're asking that she be dismissed and that you bring in one of the alternates.

Phoebe: Are you kidding me?

(The foreman shakes his head.)

Bailiff: And you all agree?

Jury: Yes.

Bailiff: Okay.

Phoebe: No, wait-wait-wait. I have an idea. If I can convince you, all of you, that magic really does exist, will that be enough reasonable doubt for an acquittal.

Man: Lady, you're late for your shrink. Like two years late. (He laughs.)

Tanya: Well, what do you mean magic? Like Siegfried and Roy stuff?

Phoebe: No. I mean real magic. No trap doors, no smoke, no mirrors, just real supernatural magic.

Man: Come on, she's stalling.

Phoebe: What's the matter? Are you afraid I might actually be able to pull it off?

Tanya: Well, we've been here this long. I say we let her take it on home.

Foreman: Alright, but if you fail, you vote guilty with the rest of us. (Phoebe hesitates.) Call the judge.

Phoebe: Okay, okay, okay, okay, it's a deal.

Tanya: Alright, show us some magic.

Phoebe: I'm gonna need a few things. A sage stick, five white candles and...

Man: A magic wand.

Phoebe: No, incense. I'm gonna summon the dead.

Man: Ooooh.

[Scene: Magic club. Piper and Paige walk in.]

Piper: Okay, just remember, you play good witch, I play bad witch.

Paige: Okay, but won't that risk exposing our powers?

Piper: No, I'm only gonna show my powers to Wike and once we get him to talk we'll use the tape to force him to confess to the police.

Paige: So it's okay to show our powers to a murderer but not to Glen.

Piper: Saving an innocent's life is worth the risk. Entertaining friends is not. (A curtain opens and Wike is on the stage setting up some magic equipment. He picks up a hat and Piper blows it up.) Boo!

Wike: Ahh, what the hell! What are you? What do you want?

Piper: We want a confession, that's what we want.

(She blows up a box behind him.)

Paige: Careful, Piper, you might kill him.

Piper: So?

Wike: I don't know what you're talking about.

Piper: Sure you do. Angela (blows something up) Provazolli (blows something up) found out about your (blows something up) money laundering operating. So you killed her, didn't you?

(He looks frightened.)

Paige: I've never seen her like this, pal. You might wanna talk.

Piper: You know what, this is getting boring. What do you say we move onto some body parts.

Wike: Okay, okay, okay, alright. Alright, I admit it, I killed her. She was ready to march the cops down to pier 86. If I hadn't killed her they would've. And then they would've killed me.

Piper: Who, the cops?

Wike: No, no, not the cops. They... Look, believe me, you don't wanna know.

Piper: Try me. (He pulls something out and throws it on the ground. It explodes. The smoke clears and Wike is gone.) What the...

Paige: He's pretty good.

(They go onto the stage.)

Piper: Where'd he go? There's gotta be a trap door.

(They lift up a rug and find a trap door.)

Paige: Here.

(Piper tries to open it but it's locked.)

Piper: Does this thing work?

Paige: There's gotta be stairs here.

[Cut to the basement. Wike gets up off a mattress underneath the trap door. A rat runs along a pipe.]

Wike: Wait, don't, I can explain.

(The rat changes into a demon.)

Rat Demon: You stupid human! You told the witches everything. And they've got it on tape.

Wike: So what? They'll never find out about you guys.

Rat Demon: Not from you they won't.

Wike: No, no.

(The rat demon turns Wike into a rat.)

Rat Demon: Dinner time.

(A dozen rats run over to Wike/Rat and start eating him. The rat demon changes back into a rat. Piper and Paige run down the stairs. Paige sees a rat and screams.)

Piper: What, demons you can handle but not rats?

(Piper sees the rats eating the other rat. Piper screams.)

Paige: Right back at you.

(They leave.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Piper and Paige walk in through the front door.]

Paige: I don't get it, where'd he go?

Piper: Is hell too much to hope for?

Paige: Yeah, well, at least we got his confession.

Piper: Yeah, but that's not gonna save Stan, or Phoebe for that matter.

(They walk into the living room.)

Paige: Why don't we just give it to the police?

(Glen sneaks down the stairs.)

Piper: Well, without Wike, the confession is no good. I mean, Darryl could open up an investigation but not in time to exonerate... ooh, now I even sound like Nancy Drew.

(Glen hides around the corner.)

Paige: What, so we're supposed to go find Wike? How do we do that? We have no idea where he is.

(Glen stretches his arm around the corner and pinches Paige's butt. She yelps.)

Piper: What?

Paige: What?

Piper: That noise.

Paige: Noise?

Piper: I feel like I'm in Switzerland.

Paige: Switzerland?

Piper: There it is again.

Paige: What?

Piper: That annoying echo. Paige, what's going on?

Paige: Nothing, nothing's going on, Piper.

(Glen reaches Piper and grabs her leg.)

Piper: Hey!

(Glen pulls his arm back in. Piper goes around the corner.)

Paige: Piper, don't.

Piper: You! You cast a spell on him? Are you crazy?

Paige: No, but somebody is.

Glen: I'm just trying to have some fun. Sorry.

Piper: Okay, but this is not supposed to be fun for you. It's not supposed to be for you at all.

Glen: Well, I guess I'd better call off the tabloids.

(Piper freezes him.)

Paige: He was just making a bad joke.

Piper: Yeah, funny how that's the first thing that came to his mind.

Paige: He just thought he was being funny, nobody got hurt.

Piper: Yeah, maybe you'd feel a little differently if you had lost a sister. (Leo orbs in and sees Glen.) Don't ask.

Leo: Did you get Wike to confess?

Piper: Yeah, and then he got away. How's Phoebe doing?

Leo: Not so good. She's trying to summon the victim, Angela.

Paige: Wait a second. So it's not okay for me to tell my best friend Glen that I'm a witch, but it's okay for Phoebe to tell an entire room of strangers?

Leo: They were gonna kick her off the jury, I think it was worth a try. Only it's not going so good. I believe she needs the Power of Three.

Piper: Yeah, well, she's not gonna get it. It's better to think she's a nutjob than think she's a witch.

Leo: There's an innocent man at stake, Piper.

Piper: They'll convict him and then we'll go to the police, there'll be a new trial and then they'll release him.

Leo: You don't know that.

Piper: Alright, I have an idea.

Paige: What?

Piper: I'll explain on the way, let's go.

Leo: What about him?

Paige: Just unfreeze him, he won't tell anyone.

(Piper unfreezes him.)

Glen: Wh-where'd you come from?

Paige: Just stay here, order a pizza, I'll be back soon.

(She kisses him on the cheek. Leo orbs out with Piper and Paige.)

Glen: What? (He looks around. The rat demon in his rat form appears behind.) Where'd they go?

[Cut to the jury room. Phoebe is trying to summon Angela.]

Phoebe: "Beloved spirit Angela, I ask that you commune with me and move among us." (Nothing happens.) "Beloved spirit Angela..."

Foreman: That's enough. Bailiff! (The bailiff comes in.) Tell the judge that we've reached a verdict.

Man: Yep! A deal's a deal. Those in favour of guilty.

Tanya: I'll get the lights.

Phoebe: "Beloved spirit Angela, I seek your guidance, I ask that you commune with me and move among us."

(The bathroom door opens and Piper sticks her hand out, freezing the room. Piper, Paige and Leo come out of the room.)

Piper: Phoebe, eleven jurors.

Phoebe: I know, I know, but this guys is innocent, and he's being persecuted for having the same gift I do. So if you guys aren't here to help me summon Angela...

Piper: We are.

Paige: We are?

Piper: Yes. If Leo will help us clean it up after we're done.

Leo: No.

Piper: What do you mean no? You've done it before.

Leo: No, it's completely forbidden, except in cases of dire emergencies.

Paige: What's forbidden?

Piper: Using memory dust on people.

Phoebe: Oh my god, this is brilliant. We'll erase their short term memories after they vote not guilty.

Paige: Wait a second, Whitelighters can erase peoples memories with some sort of special dust? Why don't you just use it all the time?

Leo: Because you don't know what you might be erasing. Doctors appointments, children's birthdays...

Piper: Leo, this is an emergency. I cannot live with these people knowing our secret, knowing that at any minute we could relive the hell we went through with Prue.

Leo: Okay.

(They girls join hands.)

Piper, Phoebe, Paige: "Here these words, here our cry, spirits of the other side, come to us we summon thee, cross now the great divide."

Phoebe: "Beloved spirit Angela, we seek your guidance. We ask that you commune with us and move amongst us."

(A breeze blows through the room.)

Leo: Cold wind, that's our queue.

Piper: See you later.

Phoebe: Okay, thank you, thank you.

(Piper, Paige and Leo go into the bathroom. Piper unfreezes the jury and they orb out. A mist appears above the table. The jury look frightened.)

Tanya: Are you all seeing that?

Foreman: Dear god!

(Angela's spirit appears.)

Angela: What happened? Where am I?

Phoebe: We summoned you, Angela. We need your help. Actually, your ex-husband needs your help.

Angela: Stan? Why?

Phoebe: He's on trial for your murder.

Angela: Stan? Are you kidding? He couldn't hurt a fly. Even his gift terrified him.

Phoebe: His gift? (The man waves his hand through Angela.) What are you doing?

Man: I'm looking for wires. This is some kind of trick.

Phoebe: Did you find any? (to Angela) What about his gift?

Angela: Stan could see things. The past, the future... It scared him, he hated it. That's why he never nurtured it. All the good he could've done, wasted.

Phoebe: So he didn't kill you?

Angela: No. The club owner did. Andrew Wike. I found out he was laundering money from some company at pier 86. Stan warned me to keep it to myself. But I didn't. He, he's a good man. He's an innocent man. Blessed be.

(She disappears. The jury sit there in awe.)

Phoebe: Shall we vote?

[Time lapse. Everyone's in the court room.]

Foreman: Not guilty.

Stan's Lawyer: Unbelievable.

Judge: So say you one? So say you all? (The jury nods.) This case is dismissed. The defendant is here by released, and this court is adjourned.

(Everyone stands up.)

Piper: Dust them now.

(Leo heads for the jury.)

Paige: Don't forget the bailiff.

(Stan walks over to Piper and Paige.)

Stan: I don't understand. How'd you do it?

Piper: We didn't. Angela did.

(Phoebe walks over to Stan.)

Phoebe: Hi.

Stan: Hi.

Phoebe: You have a very special gift. And you did the right thing by going to the police. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks, all that matters is you used your gift to help people. And that's a beautiful thing.

[Scene: Manor. Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo walk into the foyer.]

Paige: So you guys have told people about being witches lots of times.

Piper: Yes, innocents, but only when we didn't have any other choice.

Phoebe: Our secret is never more important than saving somebody's life.

Leo: Can't you guys just enjoy saving this innocent for a minute and a half before getting back to the great debate.

(The rat crawls down the stairs.)

Piper: Well, it's not over yet. The killer is still out there somewhere.

(They hear a noise and gasp when they see Glen on the stairs with a glowing ring around his neck.)

Paige: Glen!

(The rat turns into the demon.)

Rat Demon: You have one hour to deliver the tape. Or stretch here is dead.

(He grabs Glen and bolts through the front door, smashing it into a million pieces.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo are there.]

Piper: Paige, it's gonna be okay, just try to breathe.

Paige: Oh my god, if anything happens to him.

Piper: We won't let it.

Paige: When did this demon become involved? I thought this killer was supposed to be human.

Phoebe: He was. But apparently he was fronting for demons.

Piper: Since when do demons give a rat's ass - no pun intended - about laundering money?

Leo: Because they need money to insinuate themselves into our world. To buy clothes, rent apartments, to fit in with us.

Phoebe: It's probably the same way they made Cole legitimate when he was a demon. I mean, they put him through law school.

Piper: Which put him in a position to hurt us. (Phoebe touches Piper's knee with her foot.) Water under the bridge.

Paige: How is any of this gonna help get Glen back ? Even if we give that rat demon thing the tape, what's to stop him from killing Glen? We have no leverage.

Phoebe: Okay, do we have to call him the rat demon? Because it's very hard to be appropriately frightened.

Leo: We could go over his head. Look, I guarantee you that this club is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, if we went to rat demon's... What are we supposed to call him?

Paige: One hour, Leo. We have one hour.

(He stands up.)

Leo: Right, look, so if we go to their bosses and we threaten to expose their entire operation, they're not gonna be very please with him.

Piper: So we offer him up for exchange for Glen. It might work.

Paige: Might work? It has to work.

Piper: Okay, so the only question is where is demon central?

Phoebe: Angela said something about pier 86.

Piper: So did Wike. So we split up. Phoebe, since you have stalling down to a science, you and Paige go to the club and buy some time. Leo and I will go to...

Paige: No. I gonna go.

Phoebe: Well, Piper has more fire power, and if they get hostile...

Paige: I'll just have Leo orb me out of there if it gets too hairy. I'm the one who put Glen, my best friend, in massive amounts of danger. So I'm gonna get him out. (She grabs her coat.) Just do me a favour and keep him alive at the club until I get back.

(Leo orbs out with Paige.)

[Scene: Pier 86. Leo and Paige orb in.]

Paige: I don't know if this is the right place.

Leo: Shh, listen.

(They hear and see rats crawling all over the place.)

Paige: Rats.

Leo: Lots of them. Time to go.

Paige: No.

Leo: Paige, I really think that we should...

Paige: No, Leo, they've got Glen. (to the rats) Listen up, we know what you're doing and we're prepared to tell everyone. And just so you know killing me won't help. My sisters will take you down. Maybe you've heard of us. The Charmed Ones. Now who am I talking to?

(The rats turn into demons and surround Paige and Leo. One steps forward.)

Rat Demon #2: We're listening.

[Cut to Piper and Phoebe at the magic club. The rat demon appears in front of them.]

Rat Demon: The tape.

Piper: Where's our friend, mouse man?

Rat Demon: After I get the tape.

Phoebe: No, before.

Rat Demon: I can take it from you.

Piper: You could try.

(The curtain opens and Glen is standing there with the ring around his neck.)

Rat Demon: Just so you know, if anything happens to me, anything at all, the ring will decapitate him.

Piper: That's new.

Phoebe: So much for a quick getaway.

(Phoebe hands him the tape.)

Rat Demon: Are there any copies?

Phoebe: No.

Piper: Now let him go. (The rat demon tightens the ring.) Hey, what are you doing?

Rat Demon: I'm a rat. What did you expect?

(Piper goes to blow him up.)

Phoebe: Don't, it might chop off Glen's head.

Piper: Well, what am I supposed to do?

Rat Demon: Enjoy the show.

(Suddenly, the rat demon is engulfed in flames and disappears.)

Phoebe: Did you just do that?

(Three rat demons appear and Paige and Leo orbs in. Paige races over to Glen. One of the rat demons picks up the tape.)

Rat Demon #2: Only copy?

Leo: Yes.

Rat Demon #2: How do we know?

Piper: What do you mean how do you know? You've just gotta trust us. We're the good guys for crying out loud.

(The rat demon releases the ring around Glen's neck.)

Rat Demon #2: Guess we'll call this one a draw.

(The rat demons disappear.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Foyer. Leo is fixing the front door. Piper is standing there watching.]

Leo: Almost done.

Piper: This is taking too long. Can't you just use a little magic?

Leo: Don't you think we've used enough magic lately? Besides, I like working with my hands.

(He goes over to her.)

Piper: Yeah, I kinda like a guy in a tool belt. (They kiss. Paige and Glen walk in. Paige clears her throat.) Oh, leaving so soon?

Paige: Yeah, Glen's gonna go stay at a friend of his across the Bay.

Piper: Huh, I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to hang around here.

Glen: Yeah, well, I like adventure, just not that much adventure.

Leo: So you're gonna stick around a while?

Glen: Yeah, keep an eye on noogie here.

Piper: Noogie?

Paige: Glen, I think it's time for you to go.

(They laugh and head for the door.)

Glen: (to Piper) Thank you for saving my life.

Paige: I reversed the spell.

Piper: Just checking.

Glen: Goodbye.

(Glen and Paige kiss.)

Paige: Bye, you. (He leaves.) Okay, do you want it now or should I email it to you?

Piper: What?

Paige: My apology. You were right. Keeping our secret is the most important thing, I should've listened to you. Do you want more? Should I keep grovelling?

Piper: As fun as that would be. I'm sorry too, I can be a little harsh, but it's part of my charm, you'll learn to love me for it.

(Phoebe walks in through the front door.)

Phoebe: Wow, we actually have a door, imagine that.

Paige: So how's the jury?

Phoebe: Fine. I knocked on Tanya's door and she thought I was the Avon lady. So good job, Leo.

Leo: Uh, thanks, but I don't want to think about it, ever.

Paige: Can ever wait for a minute or so?

Leo: Uh-oh.

Paige: I was thinking maybe we should use some of that dust on Glen. You know. I don't want you guys to have to be nervous.

Piper: Well, do you think he's gonna tell anybody?

Paige: No.

Phoebe: And you trust him completely?

Paige: Yes.

Piper: Then so do we.

Leo: Thank god. Phew.

Phoebe: And whether we think it's smart or not, at least you have one person outside the family that you can talk to.

Piper: Yeah, let's just keep it to one.