Transmogrification is the magical ability to change shape or form.[1] Users of this power have only displayed the ability to transform into inanimate objects and vice versa. This power is often confused with the power of Shapeshifting, which is highly similar. In some users, like the Kenyan Witch and Eames, this power manifests as black smoke that turns them into an inanimate object and vice versa.


The Warlock Eames

In 1989, a warlock called Eames killed a Kenyan Witch and stole this power from her. In 2001, he transformed into a Darklighter Crossbow, tricking the Charmed Ones into taking it home with the Whitelighter Natalie. Eames then transformed back and stabbed Natalie; killing her and taking her powers.

Chameleon Demon

In 2001, the Chameleon Demon Alastair infiltrated the Halliwell Manor and spied on the Charmed Ones by posing as a lamp for an unknown period of time. His presence was only discovered after Cole had heard a "chameleon" was hiding in the manor, at which point the sisters noticed a lamp they had never seen before.[2]

Cole Turner

This power was one amongst the massive power arsenal of Cole Turner after he returned from the Demonic Wasteland. In 2002, when his ex-wife Phoebe was dating a mortal named Miles, Cole infiltrated his apartment and posed a piece of furniture, having been informed that Miles was meant to die and Phoebe would kill herself trying to save him. However, Phoebe realized he was there after receiving a premonition. She went out in the living room and called his name, at which point he revealed himself.[3]


A Shapeshifter who was participating in the gameshow Witch Wars was able to transmogrify into a mattress. He attempted to sneak up on the witch Tali, but she immediately attacked him with a metal pipe.[4]

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