Wong: "But… you're dead."
Mark: "Yeah, so are you."
— Wong to Mark Chao.[src]

Tony Wong was the leader of a Chinese Triad based in San Francisco. He wanted to evade the police and relocate to Hong Kong. For this reason, he faked his own death by killing college student Mark Chao, due to their similar height and appearance.



Tony at his headquarters.

On Mark Chao's 23rd birthday, Tony's men ambushed him in an alley. Tony then shot him dead and burned his body.

As a ghost, Mark found the Charmed Ones and asked them for help, as Yama, the gatekeeper of Hell, was hunting him. Phoebe got a premonition that Wong was hiding in the Wuhan warehouse in Chinatown. Piper broke into the warehouse, froze everyone, and took a picture of Wong holding that day's newspaper regarding his death. The freeze broke right afterward and as Piper escaped in her car, Tony wrote down the license plate to track her down, but not before Piper sent the photo to Andy anonymously.

Angered at what Piper had done, Wong dispatched his goons to kidnap her. However, Prue, Phoebe, and Mark broke into the warehouse to rescue her. Tony tried to fire a gun at Prue, but Piper managed to freeze him before the bullet hit. Fleeing in fear, Tony was intercepted by the San Francisco police force outside the warehouse. He tried to resist by firing, only to be shot and killed in the gunfight. His soul emerged and he was horrified to see his own dead body. When he fled into the back alley, he met with Mark Chao's ghost before Yama appeared. Mark then grabbed him, said the same thing Wong said when he killed the former, and pushed him into Yama's spear. His soul was then brought to Del Huoy.

Physical Appearance[]

Wong had short spiky black hair, thin eyelashes, stubble, and slanted Asian eyes. His wardrobe choices were often black shirts or black sweaters.


Wong was known for being ruthless and a cold-blooded killer, who would cross any line for his benefit (even murder).

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Wong is the first mortal antagonist in the series who is completely unaffiliated with demons or magic.


Tony Wong appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.