Prue: "While you were still human, you were stupid enough to enter into some demonic contract."
Tom: "I was never human."
Prue trying to reason with Tom.[src]

Tom Peters was Prue Halliwell's ex-boyfriend from college, where he was a star wide receiver and captain of the Gold State football team while Prue was head cheerleader.


Early life

During Tom's senior year, he led Gold State to a 9-2 record while he set school records with 96 receptions and 1255 yards. Inspector Darryl Morris said that he remembered that Tom blew out his knee three weeks into his rookie year, presumably in the National Football League. He hadn't been heard from since.


After Tom disappeared, rumors of gambling debts surfaced. His mother described him as being extremely depressed but his business manager, Mr. Kellman, was helping their family out wonderfully. However, Kellman was really a human-turned-demon who headed the Demonic Academy. He'd tricked Tom into a Faustian Deal of some sort, and kept him in hiding for six years while brutally stripping away his humanity and turning him into a demon.

Demonic Conversion


Tom's chevrons

By 2001, Tom was due to graduate from the Academy. He had a brand on his arm with five chevrons, one short of completely turning into a demon. To seal his conversion, he needed to kill an innocent. Prue discovered him and tried to make him remember that he was still human and should remain so. Though Tom resisted, enough of his humanity resurfaced that Kellman decided to make Tom kill his own mother.

Prue and her sisters anticipated this, and had Darryl bring Tom's mother to the manor. They then used a lost-and-found spell to lure Tom and Kellman there as well. Kellman pulled a ball-blade weapon and ordered Tom to kill his mother with it. Instead, Tom threw it at Kellman and killed him, becoming fully human once again.

Notes and Trivia

  • Tom and Prue dated sometime between 1990 (Prue's junior year) and 1992 (her senior year).
  • Tom is the second love interest of Prue who is a mortal caught up in demonic activity, the first being Bane Jessup.


Tom Peters appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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