Prue: "While you were still human, you were stupid enough to enter into some demonic contract."
Tom: "I was never human."
Prue trying to reason with Tom.[src]

Tom Peters was Prue Halliwell's ex-boyfriend from college, where he was a star wide receiver and captain of the Gold State football team while Prue was head cheerleader. In 2001, he nearly became a demon, though he was saved by Prue and her sisters.


Early Life[]

Tom Peters photo

Tom during college.

Tom met Prue Halliwell in college and they started dating. During his senior year, he led Gold State to a 9-2 record while he set school records with 96 receptions and 1255 yards. After college, he and Prue broke up and they lost touch. Tom was recruited by a professional football team, but blew out his knee three weeks into his rookie year, ending his career.

According to his mother, Tom became extremely depressed and rumors circulated that Tom had a large gambling bet. During this time, Kellman recruited Tom for his demonic training academy and he seemingly disappeared.

Almost Becoming a Demon[]


Tom's chevrons.

In early 2001, Tom nearly completed his demonic training and was sent to kill an innocent to earn his sixth and final chevron, which would complete his demonic transformation. However, a premonition of her sister led Prue to Tom and she preventing him from killing his target. Tom returned to Kellman and was given a second target, as Kellman needed to deliver five recruits to the Source of All Evil.

Meanwhile, Prue became determined to save Tom and went to talk to his mother, learning about Kellman in the process. She had her sisters prevented Tom's second attempt of killing after being led there by the Lost and Found Spell. Prue attempted to get through to Tom by reminding him of his humanity, though she eventually let him escape so they could follow him to the academy.

Kellman sensed the humanity on Tom and pitted him against one of his demonic wrestlers, though the fight was interrupted by the Charmed Ones. Prue made a deal, risking their lives in exchange for Tom if they could defeat the wrestlers. Kellman reluctantly agreed after Piper froze Tom. However, he betrayed the sisters during the fight by impaling Piper with a conjured metal ball, thus breaking her freeze. He took Tom to kill his own mother, whom Darryl Morris had brought to the manor.

Tom nearly killed his mother, though Prue and Phoebe arrived to stop him and Prue managed to get through to Tom. When Kellman threw a metal ball at his mother, Tom grabbed it and threw it back, killing him with his own weapon. The chevrons then disappeared from his arm and he became fully human again, after which he returned home with his mother.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Tom and Prue dated sometime between 1990 (Prue's junior year) and 1992 (her senior year).
  • Tom is the second love interest of Prue who is a mortal caught up in demonic activity, the first being Bane Jessup.


Tom Peters appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.