To Stir a Warlock's Inner Nature was a spell used by the warlocks Greg and Paul Rowe in an attempt to bring out the evil in their younger half-brother Brendan.


In mid-1999, Brendan Rowe was sought out by his half-brothers in order to take his place in their coven, which could act as an evil counterpart to the Power of Three. However, Brendan had worked years to repress his evil side and was about to reject his evil for good by becoming a priest.

Rowe Coven

Brendan joining his brothers.

To lure their brother to the dark side, Greg and Paul Rowe cast this spell while Brendan was sleeping. The evil inside Brendan was stirred; the following morning, he was ready to join his brothers. Paul said that he had to kill a mortal in order to be fully initiated as a warlock. However, Greg wanted Brendan to prove himself by killing Prue Halliwell, who was trying to help him.

After Brendan's brothers left, Prue came to him and he tried to kill her. Prue managed to defend herself and convinced him not to give in to evil. Brendan apologized for his actions and his brothers realized that his human side was too strong for the spell to work fully.[1]


Fratrem nostrum reconciliāte
Conventum nostrum consummate
We reunite with our brother
Complete our coming together

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