To Relinquish Our Powers is a spell written in the Warren Book of Shadows that allows witches to give up their powers as well as the rest of their family's. The spell should be used with caution as it is irrevocable.


After many failed attempts to kill the Charmed Ones, the warlocks Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster framed Prue Halliwell. Under the manipulation of Rex, Prue had unknowlingly stolen a priceless tiara from Buckland Auction House. After her sisters broke her out of jail, Rex blackmailed them into giving up their powers with this spell, which also caused the Book of Shadows to go blank.

The sisters then cast the spell and their powers were trapped in a magical lantern. While meeting at Buckland, the sisters handed over their powers, though Rex betrayed them and had Hannah attack them. However, unknown to all, Leo Wyatt healed the Book of Shadows, returning the powers of the sisters. Piper then froze the warlocks and Prue moved Rex so he would be attacked by Hannah. After Rex was vanquished, Hannah was then vanquished herself by an unknown force. The sisters later burned the page containing the spell to prevent such an event from happening again.[1]

Two and a half years later, the Source of All Evil kidnapped Piper Halliwell in the hope that she would cast the relinquishment spell, as the page was destroyed but the spell was still in her memories. He placed her in an illusion in her mind where she was a patient in a mental hospital. The Source then manipulated her into believing that magic was not real and that she had been delusional since her grandmother died. Piper was ultimately driven to casting the spell, though her sisters and Leo managed to convince her otherwise and saved her.[2]


To Relinquish Our Powers[]

This spell is to be used only
in direst emergency
not lightly, only by choice.
This spell is irrevocable
From whence they came,
return them now;
vanish the words,
vanish our powers.
to be chanted thrice.