"God, forgive us."
P. Baxter as she curses her cousin.[src]

To Kill an Evil Witch, as its title suggests, is a curse to kill an evil witch and curse her future incarnations to the same fate, be they good or evil.


In 1924, after P. Russell turned evil under the influence of the warlock Anton, her cousins, P. Bowen and P. Baxter, obtained the curse as a safeguard of sorts should she and Anton come after them. When they did, Bowen and Baxter managed to fight back with their own powers and, after knocking out Anton and restraining Russell, they killed her and cast this curse on her soul, which ensured that her future incarnations would die during their 24th year.

Apparently, Bowen and Baxter believed that Russell and Anton were soulmates, and would be far too much for their descendants to handle if they were ever reunited in any lifetime. This curse nearly killed Phoebe Halliwell 76 years later, and was only averted when she wore a Protection Amulet to protect herself from it, which presumably broke the curse.[1]

The Spell[]

Evil witch in my sight,
Vanquish thyself,
Vanquish thy might,
In this and every future life.

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