To Draw a Love and To Drive Away a Love are spells written in the Halliwell Book of Shadows.


Piper and Phoebe Halliwell cast a Love Spell in the 5th episode from season 1 in combination with a love potion. Contrary to other love spells that are displayed in the show, the ritual for this one matches the one carried out by the sisters in the episode.

In the end, the spell backfired on them and men nearly overwhelmed them. They finally had to cast the reversal spell to solve the situation.

Book of Shadows[]


In the season 1 episode The Witch is Back, the entry is pretended to be the entry on Melinda Warren's warlock curse.

To draw a love[]

Place heated spices in a
velvet bag with a record
of your ideal desired.
As the bag heats
chant three times
I Conjure thee, I Conjure thee,
I'm the Queen, you're the Bee
As I desire, so shall it be.

To drive away a love[]

Place the despised Lover's name
in the spiced velvet bag.
As the bag heats
chant three times
Be it shall so desire I
As Bee the you're
Queen the I'm
Thee conjure I, Thee conjure I

Notes and Trivia[]

  • In 1924, P. Russell confronts a little girl, Christina Larson, who is with a client and starting to cast a spell. She scolds Christina and smashes her favorite porcelain doll, which was based on the book, open to this spell.
  • As with many other entries from the Book, we know several alternate versions of this spell, which are not identical but very similar. There's the Love Spell, whose potion involves different ingredients but the same enchantment. This might be related to the filler pages affair.
  • Although the ritual described in the Book of Shadows entry matches the one we see on screen, Phoebe mentions --while reading the book-- that the spell requires cayenne pepper, which is not mentioned at all on the page. Actually, it only instructs to put heated spices in a velvet bag without specifying which ones.
  • In the 9th episode of the first season, Melinda Warren skims this entry and refers to it as the spell to increase patience.
  • In season two episode one, Abraxas reversed the spells that the Charmed ones cast in season one. However, the entry that is seen in the book for this spell is actually the Love Spell.

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