To Disempower a Witch is a spell written in both the Book of Shadows and Tuatha's Grimoire.


The evil witch Tuatha used this spell to strip the Charmed Ones of their powers after she was freed from her tomb. In order to perform the spell, she killed a group of innocent mortals she encountered to collect their hearts. The Charmed Ones looked in the Book of Shadows and found the exact same spell, but decided against using it as it required a human heart.[1]

When the warlock Bacarra traveled back in time, he teamed up with his past self to kill the Charmed Ones. They managed to strip the sisters of their powers with the heart of a witch, leaving them defenseless. They killed both Paige and Phoebe, but Leo managed to save Piper.[2]



The ritual in Tuatha's Book of Shadows.

To Disempower a Witch[]

A Red Ribbon Tie
Round a Fresh Human Heart.
The Witch's Powers
Will Then Depart.
Enchant the Following:
Before The Passing of
This hour
Take away
All Their Powers.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • It is unknown who created the spell and why it was added to the Book of Shadows, as killing a person for their heart is an act of evil.
  • The ritual will require a fresh heart for each witch wished to be disempowered.
  • This does not allow a being to steal the powers of witches, only disempower them.
  • When Tuatha cast this spell, the sisters were still able to use their basic powers. However, when Bacarra cast this spell, they also lost their basic powers. In addition, Paige lost her Whitelighter powers in the process, even though she retained them when the Stillman Sisters stole the sisters' Wiccan powers with a spell to call a witch's power.

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