The To Call the Halliwell Matriarchs is a spell in the Book of Shadows that summons forth the matriarchs in the Halliwell line to bless and offer their guidance to newborn witches.


The spell was used by Penny Halliwell to summon the matriarchs for the Wiccaning of both Wyatt and Chris Halliwell.[1]

The Blessing[]

Various Halliwell matriarchs

Halliwell matriarchs.

After the Matriarchs are summoned, these words are said to bless the child:

The next generation has been born into our family, our legacy.
We pledge to be with this child, this beautiful girl/boy always.
Apart but never separate, free but never alone.
She/He is one of us and because of that, we will bless her/him with all the goodness that we are.
Welcome to the family, ....
Blessed Be!

Book of Shadows[]


Page seen in Book of Shadows

To Call the Halliwell Matriarchs[]

I call forth from space and time
Matriarchs of the Halliwell Line
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends
Our family spirit without end.
To gather now, in this sacred place
and help us bring this child to grace.

List of Halliwell Matriarchs[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The spell in the Book of Shadows is different from the one spoken by Penny Halliwell. The first two lines are the actual spell, but the rest is the first half of The Truth Spell.
  • In both times the spell was casted no-screen, it was by the Spirit of Penny Halliwell. Thus, it might means the spell can only be casted by a spirit of a witch, not by a living one.