The To Call Future Wyatt spell was written by Piper Halliwell in 2005. It was meant to help her understand her two-year-old son, Wyatt, though it instead summoned his future self.


Shorty after Piper Halliwell enrolled her son Wyatt in pre-school, she became worried that he was not developing socially, as he would only talk and play with an imaginary friend instead of other children. Despite being told that this was nothing to worry about, Piper remained concerned and decided to cast this spell, which summoned an adult version of Wyatt from the future.

It was then discovered that, unknown to all, the imaginary friend Wyatt was talking to was actually a demon named Vicus, who intended to gain his trust to turn him evil. When he succeeded, both young Wyatt and future Wyatt were turned evil until Leo managed to gain his son's trust and turn him good again. Piper then cast the reversal spell to sent the future Wyatt back to his own time.[1]


To Call Future Wyatt[]

Help this mother understand,
the thoughts inside her little man,
Though his mouth be quiet,
let us hear his inner Wyatt.

To Send Future Wyatt Back to His Time[]

Son in the future, Son in the past,
Seeing anew what once had passed,
Return him now from whence he came,
Right when he left, all now the same.