To Bind is a spell in the Book of Shadows which, as the title indicates, allows witches to bind the powers of whom the spell is cast upon. This method can also be performed by means of a binding potion. Unlike power stripping, the binding of powers can be undone by a reversal spell, a potion, or the death of the caster.


During the witch trials in the alternate year 2009, which started after Phoebe Halliwell was exposed as a witch and convicted for murder, Piper wanted to bind the powers of Melinda, her daughter, as a means of preventing her from being exposed. However, at the end, Piper simply could not go through with it and decided not to bind her daughter's powers.[1]


To Bind[]

I take your hands
in mine
And with this string
I will entwine
Your powers
I'll forever bind
From now until
the end of time