To Attract and Destroy the Succubus is a spell written in the Warren Book of Shadows.


Prue Halliwell cast this spell in 1999, when her sisters Phoebe feared there was a Succubus due to the disturbing dreams she had been having. The spell had the unexpected result of turning Prue into a man in order to attract the Succubus. When the Succubus was vanquished, the spell wore off and Prue turned back into a woman.[1]

Book of Shadows[]

To Attract and Destroy the Succubus…[] a moth to a flame
draw the symbol of the masculine upon a
consecrated space. With candles lit and
full resolve, kneel upon the symbol of all
the succubus craves and intone the words
that follow.
By the forces of Heaven and Hell
Draw to us this woman fell
Rend from her foul desire
That she may perish
As a moth to fire.