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1. Something Wicca This Way Comes
2. I've Got You Under My Skin
3. Thank You For Not Morphing
4. Dead Man Dating
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6. The Wedding from Hell
7. The Fourth Sister
8. The Truth is Out There... and It Hurts
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11. Feats of Clay
12. The Wendigo
13. From Fear to Eternity
14. Secrets and Guys
15. Is There a Woogy in the House?
16. Which Prue is It, Anyway?

17. That '70s Episode
18. When Bad Warlocks Go Good
19. Out of Sight
20. The Power of Two
21. Love Hurts
22. Déjà Vu All Over Again

Written by: Edithe Swenson

Season 1, Episode 12

Episode Number: 12

[Scene: Near the park. Piper's car has broken down and she's talking to Phoebe on her phone.]

Piper: Of course I know what a jack is, Phoebe. I just don't know how to use it. It's not like I've ever got a flat tire before. I mean, this doesn't happen to me everyday.

Phoebe: Piper, relax. I used to date a mechanic. I will walk you through it. Okay, you put the jack under the jeep and then you put the handle in the base and ratchet it up and down. Okay, it's very easy.

Piper: Handle... I don't think I've got a handle. Wait, there's a long wooden spoon in the back.

[Cut to Phoebe and Prue. They're in Quake.]

Phoebe: That's not gonna work. (to Prue) She's looking for a long wooden spoon.

[Cut back to Piper. She finds the spoon.]

Piper: Okay, okay. (She sticks it in the jack and the spoon breaks.) Oh! It didn't work.

Phoebe: Okay, stay there and we'll come get you.

Piper: No, I can do it, I can figure it out.

Phoebe: Piper, you're stranded and you're all alone and the only thing you have to protect yourself with is a wooden spoon that's broken.

Piper: And I have the power to freeze. I'm fine, it's better than mace. Okay, I gotta go before my battery dies. I gotta call the Auto Club. I'll meet you there in a little bit.

Phoebe: Piper, wait. (Piper hangs up.) Hello? (to Prue) She is out of her mind.

Prue: Alright, we'll give her 15 minutes, then call back.

Phoebe: Okay.

Prue: Okay.

[Cut back to Piper. She's calling the auto club.]

Operator: Directory assistance. What city please?

Piper: San Francisco. Auto club please.

(You see something lurking in the bushes.)

[Cut back to Prue and Phoebe.]

Phoebe: Now, back to what we were talking about. What do you think?

Prue: Well, I think it's a good idea.

Phoebe: Great.

Prue: And I think it's a bad idea.

Phoebe: How? How's it a bad idea? You need extra help for the auction and I need a job.

Prue: Well, not only are we family but we live together and I don't think that my wardrobe can take the assault of your daily needs.

Phoebe: Okay, I'm great with phones, better with people and very computer friendly and with a pay cheque, I could purchase new clothes. So by hiring me, you'd actually be expanding your wardrobe not decreasing it. And I'd be eternally grateful.

Prue: You really wanna work at Bucklands with me?

Phoebe: When opportunity knocks, I answer the door.

Prue: The job is very demanding. Auctions can be stressful.

Phoebe: I love a challenge.

Prue: They're pretty long hours.

Phoebe: Overtime is my friend. Ooh, plus, I just thought of something else. With my premonitions, I might just be able to get you the straight dope without a trip to the office water cooler.

Prue: Don't push it.

Phoebe: Right. So, what do you think?

Prue: Can you start tomorrow?

Phoebe: Yes. Hey, can you give me a ride?

[Cut back to Piper. Her phone is crackling.]

Piper: Hello? Oh, great. (She looks around and sees a phone box.) No problem. For I bear the power of one.

(She starts walking over to the phone. She hears some twigs break. She stops and looks around. She continues walking and hears leaves crunching. She stops again and looks around. She then sees a large, hairy creature in the bushes and she runs into the phone box. She starts dialling the phone. The creature starts hitting the phone box and Piper starts screaming. It knocks over the box and then she lays there waiting for something to happen and all of a sudden it puts its hand through the glass and scratches her on the arm. A guy with a flare gun appears and shoots it at the creature. It gets scared and runs back into the bushes. The guy runs over to Piper.)

Guy: Everything's gonna be okay.

Opening Credits

[Scene: The hospital. Prue and Phoebe walk up to reception.]

Phoebe: Uh, Piper Halliwell.

(Andy's there.)

Andy: Prue, Phoebe.

Prue: Andy, thanks for calling us.

Andy: Hey, she's like my sister too. She's in here.

(They walk in a room. A doctor is putting a bandage on her arm.)

Piper: Oh my God, that's a lot of blood.

Prue: Hey, sweetie.

Phoebe: Oh my God! Are you okay?

Piper: Yeah, I'm fine. (to the doctor.) If I pass out and I need a transfusion, I'm AB negative. It's very rare, it could be a problem.

Andy: Try not to look at it. Just so you know, I'm AB neg. too. Plus, I love good food. Perfect donor.

Prue: Um, so no stitches?

Doctor: No. It's not that deep.

Piper: Ow.

Doctor: Follow up with your doctor in the morning though. Keep it dry, a little aspirin for the pain, you'll be fine.

Piper: Easy for you to say.

Doctor: You're all set. Just sign this.

Prue: Oh, I got it.

(Prue takes the forms.)

Phoebe: Come here, baby. (Everyone leaves the room. Phoebe puts her arm around Piper and they walk out the room too.) I don't understand, why didn't you just freeze him?

Piper: I was trapped in a phone booth. My power doesn't work outside the room I'm in remember.

Phoebe: Oh, right.

(Piper sees the guy that had the flare gun there.)

Piper: Oh my God, Billy.

Billy: How are you?

Piper: Billy. This is Billy. He saved my life.

Billy: Yeah, I'm just glad I got there in time.

Andy: Yeah, I'd like to talk to you about that. Along with that flare gun you just happened to show up with.

(Billy gets out a cigarette and goes to light it.)

Prue: Oh! Oh! (She blows out the lighter.) I don't think that you can smoke in here.

Billy: Oh, right. Look, it's no coincidence, I was there Inspector. I heard about the murder last night. The creature...

Andy: The creature?

Billy: That's right.

Piper: Creature absolutely.

(Agent Fallon walks in.)

Agent Fallon: Describe it. Billy, what are you doing here?

Billy: Same thing you are. Hunting that thing.

Andy: Piper, Prue, Phoebe Halliwell - Special Agent Fallon of the FBI.

Phoebe: FBI. Cool.

Piper: Describe it? Oh, okay, big, scary, strong. Kind of like a cross between a werewolf and Charles Manson.

Fallon: Yellow eyes?

Piper: Yes.

Fallon: Talon-like hands?

Piper: Uh huh.

Fallon: Can I talk to you, Inspector? (Andy nods. They walk away from them.) Miss Halliwell is the first one to survive and attack.

Andy: Unlike that poor guy we found last night with his heart ripped out of his chest.

Fallon: Just like the killings in Chicago and New Orleans.

Andy: Yeah, I've sent for the Coroner's reports.

Fallon: Why? I think it's pretty obvious this case is out of your jurisdiction, Inspector. On the bright side, you don't want it.

Andy: Why's that?

Fallon: This witness corroborates every other statement. According to their descriptions, this perp's not either animal or human. You didn't blink, I was expecting a response.

Andy: Just tell me what I'm looking for.

Fallon: You believe them? That it's not human?

Andy: Let's just say that recent experiences have taught me to keep an open mind.

[Cut back to Piper, Phoebe, Prue and Billy.]

Phoebe: Hmm, cozy aren't they?

Prue: Billy, how did you know to use a flare gun?

Billy: It's afraid of fire.

Prue: How'd you figure that out?

Billy: Because when it attacked us, me and my fiancée, Laura, we were camping at Lake Michigan and I grabbed a log from the fire, it freaked, took off. But, um, not before it ripped Laura's heart out. It might as well taken mine too. I came here to kill it.

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Piper's sitting at the table looking through the Book of Shadows. Prue's there as well.]

Piper: If that thing last night wasn't demonic, I don't know what is.

Prue: It's not your fight, Piper. Just let Andy and that FBI agent handle it, okay.

Piper: Can't. That thing tried to kill me. Besides, I was meant to be involved in this, I know that. It's no coincidence I got that flat.

(Oatmeal boils on the stove and Prue uses her power to turn the knob and it stops boiling. She walks over to it and puts some in a bowl. Phoebe walks in wearing a suit. She clears her throat.)

Piper: Nice outfit.

Prue: Very corporate.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, I have to impress my new boss. Hey, how's the arm?

Piper: Itches.

Prue: Piper, you have got to the doctor. It could be infected.

Piper: It's not. It's fine.

Prue: Here. (She puts the bowl on the table.)

Phoebe: Listen you, while we're at work... whoa, head rush. While we're at work. Don't even think about going after that thing alone.

Prue: Wait, there's no reason to go after it at all. The only innocent to protect here is Piper.

Piper: I thought I was gonna die last night. I was totally helpless and all I could think about is I was never gonna see you guys again. And then suddenly out of nowhere comes Billy. Saved me. Protected me. That thing took away the person he loved and he's out there all alone trying to kill it. I can't just do nothing.

Prue: Just don't do anything unless we're together, okay. Promise?

Piper: Okay.

Prue: (to Phoebe) I'll meet you outside.

Phoebe: I'll be right there. (Prue leaves.) Okay, I'm freaking, I'm freaking.

Piper: Why are you freaking?

Phoebe: Because I convinced Prue to hire me and what if I disappoint her or what if I screw up and make her look bad? There's a reason my resume is only three sentences long, Piper.

Piper: Stop. You're one of the smartest people I know. I'm sure you'll do great.

Phoebe: You really mean that?

Piper: Yes, I do.

Phoebe: That makes me feel so much better. Thank you.

(Phoebe leaves and Piper finds a page in the Book of Shadows about the creature. It's called a Wendigo.)

Piper: Whoa.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Bucklands. Phoebe and Prue are in the store room looking at some auction items. Phoebe's holding a clip board.]

Phoebe: Lot number 102, one lamp. Estimated value $2500. What, it doesn't need light bulbs?

Prue: It's a Stickley, an original.

Phoebe: Oh, right, a Stickley. I still can't believe none of this stuff belongs to anyone.

Prue: Yeah, well, every year, the city auctions off unclaimed probate items, asset seizures for revenue.

Phoebe: What about the stuff that doesn't sell?

Prue: It gets tossed. Um, what is Lot 103?

Phoebe: 103, gold bracelet. Estimated value $375. I will take that if no one wants it.

Prue: No, but it's inscribed with the initials "T" and "L" All right, that finishes the first grouping. I'm gonna go upstairs to Appraisals and make sure I didn't forget anything. Meet you back at my office?

Phoebe: Your mid- morning coffee will be ready and waiting. I think this is really gonna work with you and me.

Prue: Me too.

(Prue walks towards the door. Phoebe picks up the gold bracelet and has a premonition of a car driving off a cliff. The bracelet falls out of the car.)

Phoebe: Prue.

Prue: Yeah?

Phoebe: I just had a vision. Of the past. It was a terrible car accident and this bracelet...

Prue: What about it?

Phoebe: It was thrown free. Oh, man, I bet I'm supposed to figure out who it belongs to.

Prue: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, not now.

Phoebe: I can't help it.

(Claire enters.)

Claire: Prue, just want to make sure everything's in order for today's auction.

Phoebe: Wait, the auction is today?

Prue: Yes, Claire, everything is in order.

Claire: Terrific. I'll see you later then. (She sees the bracelet.) Ooh. Ooh, nice. That should sell quickly.

(She leaves.)

Phoebe: What are we gonna do?

[Scene: Quake. Piper and Billy are there.]

Billy: It's called a what?

Piper: A Wendigo. Apparently, it looks like a normal person during the day but then it transforms at night. It survives by feeding on human hearts.

Billy: What?

Piper: According to my information, the first Wendigo was a mortal who betrayed by his lover, cut out her heart and ate it. As soon as he did, his own heart turned to ice and that's how he became this monster.

Billy: So, what, it like... it takes love from others. Is that it? Or... then why did it go after you? Are you in love?

Piper: No. Unfortunately, no. It must be attracted to something else.

Billy: Like maybe beauty? (Piper gets embarrassed.) I'm sorry. It's just you remind me a lot of my fiancée.

Piper: Um, anyway, from what I gather, it strikes during the three phases of the full moon. Which means it may try again tonight.

Billy: That's what it did before. Amazing. You know, I've been tracking this thing for two months and in one night you're a PHD in Wendigo.

Piper: Well, I've read more about it. Um, I should call Andy, I mean Inspector Trudeau and tell him this.

Billy: No, Agent Fallon's better. She's been so great to me ever since Laura... And she's already a believer. I'll tell her, okay.

(Piper stands up.)

Piper: Whoa. Dizzy.

Billy: You okay?

Piper: Must have stood up too fast. Will you call me after you see her, please?

Billy: Sure.

Piper: I can help, Billy. I can't tell you exactly how or why, but I just want you to know I can. You're not in this alone.

Billy: I know.

(He leaves. The phone rings. Piper answers it.)

Piper: Quake.

Andy: Piper, it's Andy. Just checking in to see how you're doing.

Piper: Oh, Andy, that's sweet. Um, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired.

Andy: Yeah, well, you should be at home relaxing.

Piper: I'm okay. Listen, Billy Waters just left. He's on his way to the Federal Building to see Agent Fallon. He has a theory on the attacks.

Andy: I'll let her know. Rest up okay and stay out of dark, scary places for a while will ya.

Piper: Okay.

Andy: Take care. (They hang up.)

[Cut to the Police Station. Agent Fallon is sitting at a desk behind Andy. Andy turns around.]

Andy: Billy's on his way over to your office. Apparently he has some information on the attacks.

Fallon: Really? I guess I better go. You seem pretty familiar with the witness.

Andy: Piper? Yeah, I dated her sister.

Fallon: Dated? Past tense?

Andy: It's a long story. Why?

Fallon: Just curious. Wouldn't want a love sick cop on my hands. Especially if that's what the creature was after.

Andy: What makes you think it is?

Fallon: You got a better explanation of why it rips the heart out of its victims?

Andy: Maybe. I've just gone over the coroner's reports from Chicago, New Orleans, now local. It turns out all the victims were AB negative.

Fallon: Chosen by blood type? That's a new one.

Andy: And plus they're all killed in threes. The night before, the night after and the night of the full moon. Piper would have been the second, only she got away.

Fallon: Well, if you're right, that means the creature will try again tonight.

Andy: I'm not all together convinced that it's a quote-unquote creature. The blood types, the full moon, the stolen hearts. It feels like ritual. And ritual is human. It could be just one sick mind behind these crimes.

Fallon: Maybe we'll have a chance to confirm your theory tonight. You and me, stake out at the park. Interested?

Andy: I'll bring my flare gun.

[Scene: Outside the Federal Building. Billy's there.]

Fallon: Billy. Looking for me?

Billy: Yeah, listen, I think I know what that creature is.

Fallon: Really?

Billy: Yeah, well, Piper was telling me about it. It's called a Wendigo and it feeds off...

Fallon: Whoa, hold on. Not here. The other agents already think I'm a little weird. Why don't I walk you to your car and we'll talk on the way. (They walk in the car park.)

Billy: It's like this Wendigo and it attacks people in love. Or at least people with good hearts. It's sort of like and anti-Cupid.

Fallon: How does it know that about its victims?

Billy: I don't know. Instinct? Maybe it just senses something. Look, I know it can take on human form. Maybe it stalks them first. Anyway, I know it's gonna attack tonight. I know it. Probably in the same park, just like the other cities.

Fallon: Interesting.

(Billy gets a cigarette and lighter out of his pocket.)

Billy: Yeah, well, we gotta get there, stake it out, we wait for it to show up so then we can... (He flicks the lighter on and Agent Fallon cowers.) Kill it. Son of a bitch.

(She grabs his head and breaks his neck. He falls to the ground.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Buckland. In the hallway. Phoebe walks up to Prue.]

Phoebe: Prue, check it out. I found out who's car went off the cliff. Franklin Bates. He worked for a big P.I. firm in San Jose.

Prue: How did you do that?

Phoebe: Easy. I recognized the road. Coast highway by Carmel. I also recognized the car. '65 Lincoln. My first boyfriend, Jimmy, used to drive one just like it, remember. Anyway, so, I got on the web and started snooping around. Which means that I tied up your phone line while you were at appraisals.

Prue: Go on.

Phoebe: I searched the Chronicles databases for all articles on car accidents in the area and voila, there it was. February, 1989. Um, unfortunately it took me a while to access it and I sort of forgot to tell you that Claire was looking for you.

Prue: Phoebe!

Phoebe: I'm sorry. But here's the best part. I called the P.I. firm he worked for, lied to them, told them I was Andy's partner and they told me what the initials on the bracelet stand for. (They walk in Prue's office.) The T is for Teri, the L is for Lane.

Prue: Should I know the name?

Phoebe: Teri Lane was a five year old girl kidnapped by her father. It was the case the detective was working on when he died.

Prue: So...

Phoebe: So, I think that bracelet is proof that he found her and I think the mother never got it because he died. Which means she never found her daughter. We can't sell that bracelet, Prue. Not until we know for sure.

Prue: So, how am I supposed to explain this to Claire? What, psychic provenance?

(Claire enters.)

Claire: Psychic what?

Prue: Claire, hi.

Claire: I have been looking all over for this bracelet. What's it doing up here?

(Claire takes it off Prue.)

Prue: Um, I had it cleaned.

Claire: Fine. I'll return it downstairs. I've already got two buyers interested.

(She leaves.)

Phoebe: We can not let her sell that bracelet, Prue.

[Scene: Quake. Piper's standing near the bar, rubbing an ice cold drink on her forehead.]

Woman: Piper?

(Piper walks over to a man.)

Man: Are you the manager?

Piper: Yes.

Man: Laurence Beck. Health Department. This is a code inspection. I would like to start with the kitchen. (They walk in the kitchen.)

Piper: The counters are scrubbed every fifteen minutes, the dishes are washed 150º Fahrenheit with anti-bacterial dergent-detergent.

Laurence: Are you ill?

Piper: Uh, no, no. I just, um, I don't know. Fell free to look around, we have nothing to hide here at Quake.

Laurence: Thanks.

(Piper walks over to the fridge and sticks her head in it. She gets some frozen meat and rests it on her forehead. Laurence sees her.)

Laurence: Excuse me, what are you doing with that meat?

Piper: Dying. (She gets out of the fridge.) Oh, uh, right. Chuck that. (She hands it to a cook.)

Laurence: You're obviously sick. I think you'd better go home, Miss, before I shut this restaurant down.

[Scene: The car park. Police are there where Billy was killed.]

Fallon: Andy.

Andy: What happened?

Fallon: I don't know. I came here to meet him and found him there.

Andy: How'd he die?

Fallon: Coroner hasn't said, but it's definitely homicide. Although there's no mutilation, no other physical wounds. Doesn't fit our M.O. I suppose it could be random.

Andy: Chases off a crazed killer last night and succumbs to a mugging today? I don't buy it.

Fallon: Maybe the creature, or whatever it is, found out Billy had some information on it. Got to him before he could get to me.

Andy: Yeah, he had been stalking it two months. It could be the killer knew.

Fallon: Still, if these are ritual murders as you suggest, all the steps have to be followed or the killer doesn't get his happy feeling. So why is the heart still intact?

Andy: Two possibilities. He's not AB negative or it was trying to protect itself from being found out.

Fallon: I'd go with that theory personally.

Andy: Me too. Let's go talk to Piper. See if he told her what he wanted to tell you.

Fallon: You read my mind, Inspector.

[Scene: Bucklands. The auction has started.]

Auctioneer: And I have $400. Now $500. $500, $550, $600. $650, at $650. $700 now. $750. Now say $800. $800, gentleman's bid at $800. Any more at $800. Sold $800. Number 143, for the Karastan rug. And the next item is lot 102. A Stickley lamp and bidding will start at $2000. Now say 21, $2300, $2400, $2700.

(Phoebe walks up to Prue.)

Prue: Where have you been? The auction's already started.

Phoebe: I think I found the little girl, Teri Lane. I think she's living in Oakland.

Auctioneer: Sold $2900.

Phoebe: I contacted the detectives old secretary. She helped me piece it together. She also told me that it was the little girl's mother who hired him because the father had abducted Teri.

Auctioneer: And next is lot 103, a gold charm bracelet and bidding will begin at $375.

Phoebe: You've got to do something. That bracelet might be the only way to convince the mother we know where the little girl is.

Prue: What am I supposed to do?

(Phoebe squints her eyes to tell Prue to use her power.)

Auctioneer: $375. Anyone at $375. (A lady goes to hold up her number but Prue uses her power and it flies out of her hand.) $375. Anyone at $375? (Every time someone holds up their number Prue uses her power to knock it out of their hand.) At $375. Anyone at $375.

Phoebe: You go girl.

Auctioneer: Very well. $300 then. Anyone at $300? $300 then. Last call at $300. Anyone at $300? Very well. We'll move on to lot 104. The pewter flagon.

Phoebe: Thank you, thank you.

Prue: You just better be right.

[Scene: Manor. The doorbell rings. Piper answers it.]

Piper: Hi, Andy.

Andy: Hi.

Piper: What are you doing here?

Andy: Just wanted to see how you're doing.

Piper: I feel great.

Andy: Where's your bandage? How'd your wound heal?

(All of a sudden, Piper turns into a Wendigo and grabs Andy. Piper then wakes up. She's on the couch in the living room. She's sweating and she looks real sick. The doorbell rings. She walks into the foyer.)

Piper: Who is it?

Andy: It's Andy.

Piper: Andy. Go away.

Andy: Sorry?

(She opens the door a little bit.)

Piper: You can't come in. I've got the flu.

Andy: It's okay, I had a flu shot. I gotta talk to you. It's about Billy. He's been killed.

Piper: What? (She opens the door.) That's not possible, he should have been saved. It's not even night.

Andy: It might not have been whoever attacked you.

Piper: Who else could've it been?

(Agent Fallon arrives.)

Agent Fallon: Sorry, had to make a call. Are you okay?

Piper: No, I don't feel so well.

Andy: Maybe we should come back later.

Agent Fallon: Just a few questions, if you don't mind. We were wondering if you knew what exactly Billy was coming to tell me.

Piper: Just that the creature is called a Wendigo and that it attacks during the full moon.

Andy: Yeah, we know that.

Piper: He also said that it looks like a normal person during the day.

Agent Fallon: Really? That's new. Did he have any idea who it might be?

Piper: No, I don't think so.

Agent Fallon: Too bad. How's the arm?

Piper: It's fine. Well, it hurts like hell.

Agent Fallon: May I? (She looks at it.) You're the only one to survive the attacks. Hope you didn't get infected by it. If you think of anything, anything at all, call me directly.

(She hands Piper her card and leaves.)

Andy: Try and get some sleep.

Piper: I will. Thanks.

(He leaves and she closes the door. She starts shaking. She takes the bandage off her arm and her arm is all hairy. She starts crying.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Harriet Lane's apartment. Her doorbell rings and she answers it.]

Phoebe: Are you Harriet Lane?

Harriet: Who are you?

Phoebe: Oh, we've never met. I work at an auction house. Actually I just started today. My sister got me the job. Uh, well, anyway, I sort of found something, and I was wondering if you might recognise it.

(Phoebe holds up the bracelet.)

Harriet: I've never seen it before.

Phoebe: Are you sure? (Harriet goes to close the door but Phoebe stops her.) Uh, hi. I don't mean to intrude and I know that this must be hard for you, but I know that you recognize this bracelet. It was your daughter's, wasn't it?

Harriet: Why are you asking me all these questions? Why are you doing this to me?

Phoebe: Your daughter, what's her name?

Harriet: Teri. Teri Lane. Do you know where she is? (Phoebe takes Harriet out in the hallway and Prue is standing there with Teri.) Teri? Oh my goodness. Teri, Teri?

Teri: Momma.

Harriet: My baby. (They hug.) I never thought I'd see you again.

Teri: It's okay, I'm home now.

Harriet: Let me look at you.

Prue: (to Phoebe) I guess that bracelet was worth more than I thought it was.

Phoebe: Are you kidding? It's priceless. Thank God for my powers.

Prue: It wasn't just your powers that did that, Pheebs. (Prue's phone rings.) Hello? Piper, you sound terrible. What's wrong?

[Scene: The park. Andy and Agent Fallon are there.]

Fallon: Sure hope Piper's gonna be okay. She didn't look very well.

Andy: I know. Both Piper and the first victim were attacked by the far end of those trees.

Fallon: Must have hidden in that stretch of woods waiting to attack. Wanna get a closer look?

Andy: Absolutely.

Fallon: You better turn your cell phone off too. Wouldn't want it to ring and scare it away. (They turn off their phones.) This is a nice spot. How'd you find this place? You and Piper's sister spend some time here?

Andy: No. Prue runs more to the highbrow.

Fallon: Her loss.

Andy: I take it you're not married?

Fallon: Do you see a ring on my finger? I was engaged once. He was my world. Totally my world. Then one day, "boom", the empty dresser, the one-word note "sorry". I started falling. I kept falling.

Andy: Yeah, I know how that is.

Fallon: No, you don't. But I took steps. I did what I needed to make myself strong. To make it so no one could ever hurt me like that again.

Andy: I'd love to know how you do that.

Fallon: Maybe I'll show you, if you're lucky. Now my life's a lot less complicated. All I'm interested in is sex. Does that shock you?

Andy: No. Just wondering where you were when I was in college, that's all.

[Scene: Manor. Phoebe and Prue walk in.]

Prue: Piper?

(They walk in the living room and Piper's sitting on the couch sweating and shaking.)

Phoebe: Piper.

Piper: I'm miserable.

Phoebe: It's okay, honey, it's okay.

Piper: No, no, it's not.

(She pulls off the bandage and shows them her hairy arm.)

Phoebe: Ohh! Prue.

Prue: Oh, um, can you get up?

Piper: Back off! What, you think I can't walk now?

Phoebe: Honey, we're just trying to help you.

Piper: Help me? You can't even hold a job.

Prue: Okay, now wait a minute, Piper.

Piper: Oh, save it. Do you always have to be in charge? I'm so sorry. What's happening to me?

Prue: It's all right. We're gonna take care of you.

(Phoebe sees Agent Fallon's card on the table. She picks it up and has a premonition of Agent Fallon turning into a Wendigo.)

Prue/Piper: What?

Phoebe: I just saw who the Wendigo is. Agent Fallon.

Piper: Her? I thought it had to be a him.

Phoebe: I guess not. And even worse, I saw her and Andy at the park at night, alone.

Prue: Okay, I'm gonna call him and warn him. You go upstairs to the Book of Shadows and see if you can find a way for us to help Piper.

Phoebe: Okay.

[Cut to the attic. Phoebe and Piper are looking through the Book of Shadows.]

Piper: Nothing. It's just the same crap I've already seen.

(Prue enters.)

Prue: I tried Andy's cell phone. No answer.

Phoebe: We can't find anything about reversing the Wendigo thing.

Prue: Well, there's got to be something. (Prue looks at the bottom of the page.) Oh, didn't you check this at the bottom of the page? "c.f. Desiderata".

Phoebe: Yeah, like we're supposed to know what that means.

Prue: Well, it means conferred desiderata. It's Latin for "look up things that are yearned for."

Piper: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're so very smart.

Prue: Piper.

Piper: Don't Piper me, just shut up.

Prue: No, you are going to listen to me. This is not you. All right, it's the blood of the Wendigo and you have to fight it.

Piper: It's so strong.

Prue: You're stronger.

Phoebe: Fight it, Piper.

Piper: I'm okay.

Prue: Al lright, things that are yearned for. Wisdom, balance, unbecoming. That's got to be it. (She turns to another page in the book.) All right, unbecoming a Wendigo. So we have to kill the Wendigo that slashed you by melting its heart of ice.

Piper: What if you can't find her?

Phoebe: We'll find her. She's gonna be in the park tonight.

Piper: What if you're wrong? What if you don't? Then you'll have to... then you'll have to kill me.

Prue: Don't be ridiculous, Piper, we're not gonna kill you.

Phoebe: We're gonna kill the thing that did this to you.

Prue: But we might have to confine you until we get back. So, tie you down, I guess.

Piper: No, go to hell!

Prue: (to Phoebe) Do we have any chains?

Phoebe: I actually do think I have something.

Prue: Okay. (Phoebe walks out of the attic.) Are you back?

Piper: I don't want this to happen to me, Prue. Kill Ashley. This is me talking.

(Phoebe enters. She holds up a pair of handcuffs.)

Phoebe: Here.

Prue: Where did you get those? Never mind.

Piper: Let's just do this.

(They handcuff Piper to a pipe and she sits on a chair.)

Phoebe: We still need to take a trip to the Army-Navy store.

Prue: Why?

Phoebe: To get a flare gun.

Piper: Screw you, bitch!

Phoebe: Okay, I think we need to hurry.

Prue: Uh, yeah, just hang in there, Piper.

[Scene: The park. Andy and Ashley are there.]

Ashley: What's the matter?

Andy: I was just thinking that I'm probably not the best cop to be on the stake out with, seeing as how I'm AB negative.

Ashley: Don't worry. I'll protect you.

[Cut back to the attic. Piper's sweating. She screams and her eyes turn yellow. She then turns into a Wendigo. All her clothes rip off. She breaks the pipe and handcuffs.]

Commercial Break

[Scene: The park. It's night time.]

Ashley: Andy, doing okay?

Andy: A little on edge.

(You see Ashley's hand turn into a Wendigo hand.)

Ashley: Instinct of the hunt. That's why you're here. That's why you're a cop.

Andy: Does this turn you on or something, Agent Fallon?

Ashley: Or something.

Andy: Look, you are a gorgeous woman, but we're on this job together. Let's just leave it at that.

Ashley: Let's not.

(She turns into a Wendigo. Andy gets out his gun and tries to shoot at her. She hits him across the head.)

[Cut to Prue and Phoebe. They pull up in Prue's car. They get out.]

Phoebe: Okay, if the moon is over there, we should go that way.

Prue: I don't see Andy's car.

Phoebe: Don't worry, we'll find him.

Prue: All right, let's hurry.

[Cut to Andy and the Wendigo. Andy's unconscious on the ground. The Wendigo rips open his shirt and cuts him down the chest with its fingernail. It hears Prue's voice.]

Prue: Andy? Andy?

(It runs away.)

Phoebe: This is definitely the place. I recognize it from my premonition.

(The Wendigo growls and starts running towards them.)

Prue: Oh, God. (She gets out the flare gun, shoots and misses it. It scares the Wendigo and it runs away.) Okay, give me another one.

Phoebe: If that didn't get Andy to come out, he's dead already.

Prue: He's dead when we find a body, not before. (Prue loads the flare gun again. The Wendigo runs towards them again. Prue fires the flare gun and scares the Wendigo.) Okay, how many more do we have?

Phoebe: Two.

Prue: Two?

Phoebe: That's all they had. Wait, I think that's him.

(They see Andy on the ground. They run over to him.)

Prue: Oh God. Alright, he's alive but she's slashed him.

Phoebe: He still has his heart?

Prue: Yeah, we must've driven her off just in time.

(The Wendigo growls and appears behind them. They turn around and Prue fires the flare gun. It runs away.)

Phoebe: Last one. My turn. This time we don't fire until I see slobber on its face.

Prue: Okay, uh, it's over there.

Phoebe: No, wait, I think it's over here.

Prue: No, no, it's right here.

(Two Wendigo's start running towards them.)

Phoebe: Wait, how can it be in two places at once?

Prue: It can't. One of them is Piper. Shoot.

Phoebe: I can't, Prue.

Prue: Just shoot and pray you hit the right one.

(Phoebe shoots the flare at a Wendigo and it freezes in mid-air and the other Wendigo is frozed.)

Phoebe: Piper froze it. Do something. (Prue uses her power and moves the flare and it hits the other Wendigo in the heart. It burns and disappears. Piper turns back into a person and she realizes she's naked, so she hides behind a tree.) Are you okay?

Piper: I think so. But I'm naked and freezing.

(Andy's wound heals. Prue runs over to him.)

Prue: Andy. (Andy wakes up.) Hey, are you okay?

Andy: What happened? Prue, what are you doing here? Where's the Wendigo?

(He tries to get up.)

Prue: She's gone. Easy. Lie back down. Just lay back down. It's all right. I'll explain everything later.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Quake. Phoebe and Prue are sitting at a table. Piper brings them some drinks.]

Piper: On the house, for saving my hide.

Phoebe: Literally, you Wendigo, you.

(Piper sits down.)

Prue: Are you okay to work?

Piper: Yeah, I'm fine. It's like nothing ever happened. Except for Billy.

Prue: No, well, there was no way that you could've known about Agent Fallon.

Piper: I know. It's just I'm not used to losing an innocent we're supposed to protect.

Phoebe: He wanted to help stop her so she couldn't hurt anybody else and that's exactly what he did.

Prue: I'm just grateful that you're safe.

Piper: And Andy. By the way, what did you tell him about why we were all there.

Prue: I told him the truth.

Phoebe: Get out.

Prue: I did. I said what he saw happened was true, that Agent Fallon really was the Wendigo and that had we not vanquished her, that both he and Piper would've been killed. I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Piper: Well, what did he say?

Prue: Not much. He was either too stunned to speak or he actually believed me on some level. It was the closest that we've ever come to having an honest conversation.

Phoebe: So maybe Andy's more open to you being a witch than you think.

Prue: Hmm. All right, back to work.

Phoebe: Actually, I need to talk to you about something and please don't be mad but I quit.

Prue: What?

Phoebe: It's not that I don't appreciate the opportunity, because I do. It's just that every time I touch something at Bucklands I risk having a premonition and it's just too emotional for me. Besides that's your world. I need to find one of my own.

Prue: You will.

Piper: Just stay out of my world or I'll kill you. (Prue and Phoebe look worried and confused. Piper gets up and starts to walk away. She turns around.) Kidding! It's just a joke (She walks away.)

Prue: Ooh!