The Underworld is one of the eleven planes of existence. It resembles a dark maze of underground or volcanic caverns and chambers. The Underworld is the plane in which most of the Demonic Hierarchy resides, including the leaders of the forces of evil, most notably the Source of All Evil and the Triad.


A Demonic Hierarchy exists in the underworld, its purpose is to maintain order and control over the many evil forces that exist there. Typically, this hierarchy is led by the Source of All Evil, though other demons, such as the Triad, serve directly under him and assume control when the Source is vanquished. Various evil magical beings reside within the underworld, including several Demonic Factions, Darklighters, and even certain warlocks, who are considered to be at the bottom of the hierarchy.

This realm is a vast place, too vast for any good being not familiar with it, to travel through it accurately, without the help of a demon. Furthermore, the nature of the Underworld itself causes the sensing of good beings to become more limited than they otherwise might be.

Book of Shadows

The dark realm beneath the Earth where evil resides.[1]

Notable Inhabitants of the Underworld


Notes and Trivia

  • The exact location and description of the underworld have been inconsistent over the course of the show. While some episodes clearly establish it as being a different plane, sometimes references are made to it actually being below the surface of the earth.
  • The exact limitation of sensing in the underworld is also quite inconsistent.
  • In the comics, there are unknown flying creatures in the Underworld.
  • It is possible to get cell phone coverage in the Underworld, as Phoebe Halliwell was once called there.
  • Unlike this realm's counterpart, the Heavens, the underworld is easily reached by beings of any alignment while the other can only be accessed through orbing.
  • On several occasions, the underworld has been referred to as Hell, and it does slightly resemble the classical representation of the biblical realm of evil.
  • According to Let Gorgons Be Gorgons, there is supposedly an entrance in Greece that leads straight down to the Underworld.


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