"I see—a witch's call on the spirit winds. I see… another."
—The Oracle sees Piper's unintended call for Paige.[src]

The Oracle was loyal to the Source of All Evil and predicted the future for him. She sacrificed herself to save his life in 2001 when Cole Turner threw a giant Energy Ball at him.


Learning about Paige


The Oracle being summoned.

In 2001, the Oracle informed the Source that while Prue Halliwell had been killed, the threat of the Charmed Ones was not over. She looked into her crystal ball and confirmed that she saw another. Because of her warning, the Souce sent Shax to kill Paige Matthews before she could reconstitute the Power of Three. She was then tasked with locating Belthazor and predicting Paige's future, which she deemed appeared short-lived.[1]

When Shax failed, an angered Source appeared before the Oracle, telling her that she was wrong. The Oracle informed him that he had another chance at destroying the sisters if he could turn Paige evil within the window of opportunity. Before leaving, the Source warned her that her predictions needed to be clearer. She later assisted him in tracking Paige down, though their plans ultimately failed when Paige chose her sisters.[2]

Manipulating Piper


The Oracle appearing.

When the Source planned to destroy the Charmed Ones by getting one of them to relinquish her powers, the Oracle directed him to Piper, telling him she was the most reluctant about her craft. The Oracle became concerned when the Source was weakened while projecting an illusion in Piper's mind.

The Oracle was surprised when two bounty hunters brought in Cole Turner, telling them to wait until the Source was finished. She did not realize it was a trick until Leo orbed in. She pleaded the Source to hurry as Cole started throwing energy balls at him, which eventually severely injured him. When Cole attempted to vanquish the Source with a giant energy ball, the Oracle sacrificed herself by jumping in front of it, allowing the Source to escape.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Divination: The ability to predict the future through the use of a Crystal Ball.
  • Voice Echo: The ability to project one's voice in a location without being physically present.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Source's Oracle is the first Oracle to appear in the series. She is also the only one shown to be on the side of evil.
  • The Oracle was shown to be extremely loyal to the Source, expressing concern over his well-being and even sacrificing her life to save him.
  • When the Source was vanquished, her role of advisor was quickly filled by the Seer, though she had her own secret agenda.
  • The Oracle was featured in the book, Charmed Again.


The Source's Oracle appeared in a total of 3 episodes over the course of the series.


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