7x16 - piper with paige tk orbing metal rod

Piper and Paige fight thorn demons in an alley; the female of the species spits thorns and one of the thorns hits Piper. Leo is unable to heal her because he is to face the Elders' judgment. Odin and Sandra tell Leo of the Elders' ultimate decision regarding his recent betrayal: he is to be made human with his memories completely erased. This was a test meant to determine if he truly belonged with Piper or with the Elders.

Leo saves the victim.

Leo then finds himself stranded and alone out in rural Texas. A pickup almost hits him and flips over; he pulls the driver out before the truck explodes. He cannot heal, but his medical training proves useful. He remembers his experience on Guadalcanal.

Back at the Halliwell manor, the three sisters demand to know what happened to Leo. Sandra came down to break the news to them and this really angered Piper. She tells Piper to not give up hope, but Piper angrily calls for her to leave. The three sisters are depressed thinking about love and they suggest giving up on it. Drake steps in to cheer them up and encourages them to not give up on love. Drake's speech also encouraged the sisters to try and find Leo.

Leo goes to the local sheriff, who promises to find out who he is. The paramedics had thought his job of patching up the driver was professional. He has a flashback of facing a demon.

7x16 - drake teleporting piper (2)

Piper, after calling Darryl, passes out. She finds herself out of her body and faced with none other than Cole Turner. The other sisters find Piper, but they are unwilling to call for the Elders. Drake checks the Book of Shadows.

Cole tells Piper that she's trapped in the Cosmic Void, and that he's there to help keep her and Leo together. Piper is skeptical, given Cole's past. Cole tells Piper that he's only there to help Piper get Leo back, but Piper thinks it's all a ploy to break out of the Cosmic Void and reenter the sisters' lives. Cole admits that he's not above having ulterior motives, but reaffirms his stance of only being there to help Piper get Leo back while she still can.

Leo is in a diner, when the waitress notes the tan line where his wedding ring once was. He has a brief memory of putting a ring on Piper's hand. Outside the diner, he finds a trucker going to San Francisco and asks him for a ride.

Paige and Phoebe are in the police station with Darryl. Paige realizes that Sandra was trying to tell them that they still had a chance to get Leo back. An officer tells him that a John Doe of matching description saved a man's life in Texas. Paige and Phoebe orb to the diner and inquire after Leo. They learn that he is heading west.

Piper finally confronts Cole about his ulterior motive for helping her. Piper tells Cole that if he wants her to trust him, he needs to come clean first. Cole admits to Piper that he doesn't want Phoebe to give up on love. This is why he wants Piper and Leo together. Cole is still in love with Phoebe and feels guilty for everything that he put her through. He knows that Phoebe hasn't been able to hold onto love since him and knows that he is to blame for that. He is cursed to live unloved and doesn't want Phoebe to share that fate. He tells Piper that she needs to have faith in her and Leo's love and give in to death so she could give Leo the extra jolt he needs to remember her and their life together.

The truck driver talks to Leo about having a "calling" to work for the greater good, trying to convince him that he should take this path. Odin manages to convince Leo to join him just before the sisters catch up with them. Paige and Phoebe finally catch up with Leo, but the truck driver, who they recognize as Odin (though not by name), explains that Leo has made his choice to remain with the Elders and orbs him away.

7x16 - paige orbing with phoebe down to bridge's road

Back at the manor, Piper decides to trust Cole after finding out from her sisters that Leo has chosen the Elders and returns to her body. In that moment, Piper revives, but only Leo can heal her soul. Drake stays with Piper while Paige and Phoebe orb to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and call for the Elders. Leo and Odin answer, but Leo doesn't remember the sisters. Piper, dying, calls to Leo, who hears and jumps from the bridge -- falling from grace. Odin tells the sisters that Leo has decided to be mortal with Piper. Paige orbs him and Phoebe home, only to find out from Drake that Wyatt has already healed Piper.

7x16 - cole fades in

This is Drake's last day of life. At Magic School, Phoebe thanks him for helping her move on. They share one last kiss before Drake walks away and closes the doors behind him, for he doesn't want Phoebe to see his death. We learn at the end that the whole thing was set up by Cole, from Drake meeting the sorcerer to the thorn demons. Drake has no regret of anything, from becoming human to falling in love with Phoebe. He dies and goes to heaven, leaving Cole to walk on Earth.

The next morning, Leo rejoices in being human again with Piper.

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