"Centuries ago, I unearthed a quatrain from the tomb of a wise apothecary. When three planets burn as one over a sky of dancing light, and magic will rest for a holy day to welcome a twice blessed child."
Merrill about the prophecy.[src]

The Prophecy of the Twice-Blessed Child is an ancient prophecy describing the birth of a child holding great magical power and wisdom. If nurtured properly, the child would become a savior of the world; but if he falls under the influence of evil, he will become the world's ultimate destroyer.

The prophecy was eventually undone by the Angels of Destiny, rendering Wyatt a normal Whitelighter-Witch though he kept his advanced powers.

The Prophecy[]

When three planets burn as one
over a sky of dancing light,
Magic will rest on a holy day
to welcome a twice blessed child. 



The quatrain describing the prophecy was unearthed by Merrill, a powerful wizard and mentor of Cronyn. He reasoned that the baby was to be born to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, a witch and Whitelighter respectively.

Merrill knew that the child would be born when magic rested on a holy Wiccan day. His former pupil Cronyn and the demon Doris planned to obtain the child to raise it as evil. On the Wiccan sabbath, Imbolc, which fell on the same day as the Aurora Borealis, Piper went into labor. After the sorcerer and his demons were vanquished, her sisters helped her give birth to Wyatt Halliwell, the twice-blessed child.

Altering the Prophecy[]

"The Elders hoped to alter the prophecy of the Twice-Blessed. That the firstborn children of the family would inherit the Power of Three. Making Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda an even more powerful force for good than the Charmed Ones."
Kyle to Leo and Paige.[src]

In 2008, the third child of Piper and Leo, Melinda Halliwell displayed the power to orb, despite the fact that Leo was mortal during her conception.

As they searched for answers, Kyle Brody revealed to Leo that the former Council of Elders altered the prophecy to make all three of his children twice-blessed. This went as far as bringing out his dormant Whitelighter DNA in Melinda. The reason they did this was to ensure that the oldest of the Charmed Ones' children would inherit the Power of Three and become a great force of good akin to the Charmed Ones.

Erasing the Prophecy[]

After the battle against Neena, the Angels of Destiny realized the errors of tampering with people's lives and destinies. As a result, the Angels absolved the twice-blessed children of their status, negating the prophecy and absolving them of any future callings.

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