"Your dark magic doesn't scare me, Enchantress. Tell me where she is and I might spare your life."
—The Prince to the Enchantress.[src]

The Prince was a mortal prince of a kingdom that existed in the 12th century. He was set to marry Lady Julia when The Evil Enchantress used her dark magic to seduce him in order to conceive an heir.


Original Timeline[]

In the 12th century, the Prince was magically seduced by the Evil Enchantress after she kidnapped the love of his life, Lady Julia. By using a lock of hair from the lady, the Enchantress cast a spell to transfer that love to her instead. According to Paige Matthews, the Enchantress succeeded in her plan, bore an heir, killed the prince, and ruled his kingdom for all eternity.

Altering History[]

The Enchantress and the prince were about to conceive an heir when Paige accidentally summoned him to the year 2001 when reading an entry in the Book of Shadows.

When the prince laid eyes on Paige, the future life of the Enchantress, the effect of the spell was transferred to Paige. The prince believed himself to be in love with Paige and defended her against a Shocker Demon. However, the Evil Enchantress traveled to the future to reclaim her prince and took him back to their own time.

Knowing that the past could not be altered, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell went after the Enchantress, but were captured by her guards. Paige then cast a spell to bring her and Leo to the past to stop the Enchantress. She confronted the Enchantress in her bedchambers and used her own powers against her. The prince tried to shield Paige from the Enchantress's attack since he was still bound by both of them, only to get blown against a wall. Her sisters then freed Lady Julia and brought her to the prince, thus breaking the dark spell on him with true love's kiss and reuniting him with his true love. The Charmed Ones then bound the Evil Enchantress' powers and returned to their own time.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • The original idea was to have Jesse Woodrow portray both Glen Belland and the Prince, meaning that the Prince would have been the Past Life of Glen. However, Jesse stated he only wanted to portray Glen, and so they had Charlie Weber play the Prince.


The Prince appears in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.