The Nothing

"It's up there. It comes for you, for everybody. When it gets you, the only thing left where you stood is nothing. You never know when it's coming, and you never know who it wants."
Ari telling the sisters about the Nothing.[src]

The Nothing is a supernatural force that exists within a pocket dimension in the Ice Cream Truck. It is an unstoppable entity that absorbs all beings trapped in its domain, whether good or evil.

The pocket dimension within the truck resembles a snow-covered playground. Although its presence and arrival can be felt, the Nothing is never seen. When it devours a victim, they are pulled into a hole in the sky.


During her youth, Prue Halliwell was targeted by the Nothing after accidentally being sucked into the truck while trying to help a boy, though she was rescued by her father.

In 2001, Prue and Phoebe became trapped inside the truck again and unknowingly freed the demonic children within. Prue and Victor later entered the truck to find the Ice Cream Man, though he sacrificed himself so they could escape with the crystal needed to play the Devil's Chord to lure the children back in.

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers

  • Swallowing: The ability to completely devour other beings. The Nothing destroyed its victims by pulling them into a hole in the sky.

Other Powers

  • Invincibility: The ability to be invincible and undestructable. There is no known way to defeat the Nothing inside the dimension.

Book of Shadows[]

The Ice Cream Man
In the guise of a man selling ice cream, this mortal is
responsible for capturing demonic children.
To lure his prey, the ice cream man plays the Devil's Chord
which is a series of notes that when sounded together
specifically attract demon kids like moths to a flame.
Once lured, the ice cream man then sucks the demon
youngsters inside the vehicle, where the children find them
selves on a magical playground and trapped in that world,
the young demons must face the nothing.
The Nothing
This dangerous force exists in the magical world within
the Ice Cream Man's vehicle. The Nothing absorbs both good
and evil beings without warning, leaving behind nothing
in their wakes. Since this force does not discriminate in its
choice of victims, it targets innocents and demons alike.
The Ice Cream Man uses the Nothing to vanquish demon
children after luring them into his vehicle.
In that magical world, there is no escape from the
Nothing. Sooner or later, it comes for everyone.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Nothing shares some similarities to the Hollow, as both absorb magical beings and neither discriminate against good or evil. However, while the Nothing seeks to destroy power, the Hollow hungers for it.
  • The back-up version of this Book of Shadows entry was sold in 2009 along with several others.
  • The Nothing is strongly similar to the destructive force with the same name in the movie "The Neverending Story" (1984).


The Nothing appeared in a total of 1 episodes throughout the course of the series.